2007 Toyota Camry

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Not a good picture.
Actully, I think it makes the good looking Camry look pretty bad.
But I thought I’d post it anyway.
Why not…

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  1. yeah it makes it looks bad, but never seemed anything but bad looking to me, typical boring toyota….., send the mark x over here ill think different

  2. Really there’s no use for the Mark X here because of the Avalon. If the Mark X come here than the Avalon and the Lexus ES330 might have selling problems or the Mark X itself will have that. The Camry picture looks alot like it came from a brochure but I also have to agree it makes the Camry look worse and makes it look fat too.

  3. Just returned from a tour of Japan and saw many Toyota models not sold in the U.S.

    A number of them looked much like the spy photos of the upcoming new Camry and the Mark X, while a different car, looks much like what I believe will be the new Camry.

    There’s a Toyota Crown Athlete and other Crown sedans that probably have plenty of the new Camry’s DNA in them. Go to http://www.toyota.jp and sniff around the Japanese links–you might see much of what the new Camry will be.

  4. The new camry with or without ‘bad’ picture is slightly wider and fat. The looks is in the eye of the beholder. Toyota has a huge following for Camry and this one is sure to follow as the leading sales volumne leader unless it’s price to value, quality ratio is not equal to current competition. Time and market will tell.

  5. From all my research of the upcoming Camry, this looks to be the most exciting and best looking Camry ever! The previous Camry was too tall…it looked like it would tip over. The one before that was just plain ugly and boring, and the one before that was actually not bad. If Toyota is smart, it would leave a lot of the Mark X in the Camry…so far it looks like that is the game plan. It will smoke Accord sales for once in a long time…the 2006 Accord is pointless. If Toyota follows suit with an SE model I will definately buy one. I was looking at the Avalon, but I think I’ll wait to see this Camry. I hope it is worth the wait.

  6. You’re right about the currnet Camry being tall. It always feels kind of weird when I sit in one. It’s just too tall.
    The one from 3 generation ago was the best.

    But I think this upcoming one will be “worth the wait” for people looking for a good mid size car.
    I’ll post “good” pictures as soon as I get them.

  7. toyota was smart not to leave a lot of mark x in the camry other wise the camry would be called the Scamry. haha. and no way the crown has a bunch of dna element. the crown and mark x is much more presitage than that camry you call.

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