2007 Toyota Camry

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Better and better pictures are coming out…

For my taste, the interior seems to be the best of all “boring midsized sedans” out there.
And I think the exterior will look much better in person.

The standard engine is supposed to have just a bit more power with 168hp. Which is plenty for most drivers.

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  1. The exterior is no doubt an improvement over the current generation, for probably the first time Toyota has some design elements from their own cars. It reminds me of the Avalon without looking like it. The interior is amazing, almost looks like an IS except it probably looks more Lexus than the Lexus…..
    Overall a very nice redesign, good job Toyota.

  2. This car is not nearly as attractive as the new Sonata…and I think most people would agree with me, especially if all of the badges were covered up and no one could tell which brand made what.

    Then again, when is this not true?

  3. The exterior is truly an inoffensive design bordering on being bland and generic. This means it will sell very well in U.S. The interior while not breaking any new ground, carrys over other desgin themes (Avalon) from existing Toyota models (not a bad thing).

    Notice how they nudged the power band slightly on their 4 cyl model to be ‘competitive’ with the Sonata
    167 vs 160 (lol). Think Toyota doesn’t see Hyundai in their rearview? Would like to see spec on 6 and finally pricing which will come soon afterwards.

    I look forward to seeing more of this new Camry as launch date draws closer.


  4. To whoever said the design is generic and “bland”, what do you expect?

    Name me a midsize sedan which has a “radical” design.

    Please, I’d like to hear it.

    If the Camry was radically redesigned, it would turn away a lot of customers. Some of you aren’t thinking here.

    Besides, this Camry has a lot of interesting bodywork and lines, not to mention fender flares! On a Camry !!!

  5. There is no need to consider the comment “bland” and “generic” as a negative as it applies to the re-designed Camry. This has been one of the successful hallmarks of Camry’s design from day one along with it’s excellent reputation.

    If you look within this segment you will find vehicles like the Accord that follow this same design theme. And why not? It works as long as we keep buying them.

    Toyota doesn’t seem too concerned about the Camry’s understated design cues after all they continue to sell by the boatload!


  6. Well, this makes my decision more difficult whether to buy an ’06 Maxima now or wait for the ’07 Camry.
    I love the unconventional, almost retro exterior design of the Maxima, but the Camry’s interior is so much better. Maybe, the Camry will have a Special Edition package which will make my decision MUCH easier.

  7. it looks just as boring, bland, and bloated as the old model, in my opinion the 97 wedge look was the nicest looking camry, that and the 92’s. but anyway the interior is very nice it looks alot like a lexus i would agree, with the best interior in its class segment, sorta has an is feel to it. but im sure they will sell alot, boring and ultra conservative, but hey who cares when u have this quality and excellent reliablity?

  8. Just wait until you all see the SE model with the black metallic badges, front spoiler, side spoiler, rear underbody spoiler, and decklid spoiler, along with the black mesh grill. It blows the Malibu SS and G6 GTP away. 😉

  9. From its droopy headlights to it’s equally droopy taillights and Banglesque (of all the things for Toyota to copy) rear end, the new Camry is every bit as bland, boring and nondescript as the model it replaces. Yes Toyota took the safe route and they’ll probably sell a bunch and the Camry does have the quality thing going for it despite Toyota’s rash of recent recalls, but this new Camry’s design barely musters enough energy to blow away any of the competition.

  10. As boring is it might be, this new Camry is just another nail in GMs coffin. They’ll sell millions of these. Good job Toyota.

  11. The only unique and interesting mid-sizers out there are possibly the Mazda6 or maybe even the Subaru Legacy. The Camry isn’t hideous, but it sure isn’t beautiful. And how can you call the interior wonderful! Sure, it LOOKS like a Lexus, but is that really a good thing? (Lexus has boring interiors which don’t cause much excitement). And I’m almost positive that the “Sporty” edition (which won’t be too sporty anyway since Toyota is afraid of sportiness, and will look laughable with a spoiler) won’t be much different. One more thing I’d like to bash on-there’s practically no storage space in the interior unless you unhitch some flimsy plastic door, unlike the current model which has generous, open space.

  12. Is this the version we’ll be getting? Because it looks like something they’d sell overseas. I’d wait to see the interior of an LE model before making any comments on the interior, this is most likely an XLE (which don’t seem to have a very similar dash to the LE’s, at least the latest ones don’t).

  13. cmon guys. how can u call this bland and boring. its got great curves and i’d even say the view from the back looks sorta like an IS. this is toyota we’re talkin bout here and for a camry, this is practically radical.

  14. typical … you can spot from a mile those of you here who understand the auto market, and those of you who seem to be nothing more than kids, or disillusioned enthusiasts.

    There is NO WAY the Camry would EVER have a revolutionary design, because it would alienate too many existing or potential customers.

    This is the FAMILY SEDAN segment, not sports cars we’re talking about.

    Some of you need to put down that issue of Car and Driver, and go and learn about how the auto industry ACTUALLY works.

  15. “There is NO WAY the Camry would EVER have a revolutionary design, because it would alienate too many existing or potential customers.”

    Can’t quite get over this last poster’s comments. No one thinks the Camry’s design should be radicalized. Most have commented that it’s not very eye catching. It has an excellent reputation and lots of sales going for it.

    It’s ok to say a vehicle is not as exciting to look at.


  16. Why do all mid size car look the same?
    I can see alot of other cars in the design.

    The int looks ok, but if you didn’t tell me it was a Camry I couldn’t tell if it were Honda, Hyundai, etc or one of 20 other cars.

    Please someone tell me are the same tail lights sold in bulk to all auto mfg.

    With alot of other cars get better reps for quality you’d think they could have made it alittle different!!!

  17. everyone slated chris bangle for the 7-series trunk, but its becoming obvious that he’s some kind of visionary. i hate the current camry but this doesn’t look too bad, the looks aren’t really important to camry owners anyway, they mostly want a long term reliable car. The interior looks fairly nice except for that radioactive wood tone!

  18. The Toyota Camry is the most refined and spacious car in its class. I own a 2003Camry, 2005 Accord and a 2004 Altima. The Camry is by far the most comfortable to drive. And also has the greatest amount of passenger room and comfort. When going on any long drive the Camry is the vehicle of choice by far. When the beautiful 2007 Camry is released I will trade in both the Altima and the Accord to purchase it.

  19. WOW…so many posts…so many opinions! I almost feel no need to weigh in! I have been waiting for better pictures…I have to say I am impressed. This Camry is definately upmarket, but the exterior still has the typical Toyota ‘safe’ design. I wonder what the SE with the body kit will look like. Looks like More Camrys will sell than Accords. Mazada and Nissan are definately going to feel the decline in sales. I hope Hyundai can sale a bunch before this Camry comes out…same goes for Honda.
    I think this will be the best Camry ever so far: not too bloated and not too skinny. A well balanced design with a pleasing interior. Can’t wait to go see it in person.

  20. Discussing Camrys and Sonatas. Do you also debate which is better between Wendy’s and MacDonald’s burgers? What boring mofos..

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