2007 Volvo C30

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We still can’t see much. But the rear looks pretty close to the really cool concept we saw a few years ago.
That’s a good sign. Because the front end looks almost exactly like the S40.
Not very exiting.

And let’s hope they price this one right.
The S40 ($24 000) based convertible version, wrongly called the new C70, (It should be the C40) will cost at least $40 000 in the States.
Since when do people charge over $15 000 for a convertible top???

I hope they won’t get away with that…

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  1. well that is a big jump in price but if is nicer on the inside, has a hard top, i think that will be fine. look at the clk a c class based car that cost how much more than c class?

  2. The CLK looks completely different than the C class, at least. And much more expensive.
    From the pictures I’ve seen, the C70 has the exact same interior as the S40.
    Check out prices of other hart top convertibles around. I don’t think anyone charges that much of a premium for a straight convertible version of an existing sedan…

  3. AT least the C30 looks different from other cars on the market right now, glad they stick with the concept style.

    As far as the C70 goes, I think they just want to jack up the price.

  4. How do you know the front looks like the S40? Do you have a pic? The concept vehicles front looked nothing like the S40 front.

    Volvo has come along way with design and sales show it.

  5. Been following this one for some time.

    It is to be shown in concept form in Detroit.

    It’s about as close to the Focus ST as we will get State side.

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