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It’s even worse inside!
There seems to be no changes at all compared to the Honda Civic EX.
But if people are stupid enought to pay extra for the badge on the steering wheel, more power to them…

At least, they could add the leather and xenon options to the US models.

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  1. Vince, you just don’t get it. This car’s main selling point is it’s in Canada. You Americans don’t get it because it’s not made for you. It’s made for Canadians who want a badge on the steering wheel and different style.
    Go to this website to see how the EL looks so similar to the 2005 Civic:
    By the way the EL has only different rear lights, different front styling, Acura badge on the steering wheel, woodgrain, and leather and it sells so well! The CSX is almost the same thing!!!

  2. Being Canadian doesn’t mean you’re stupid.

    It doesn’t matter where you live, a luxury brand should not sell the exact same model as the cheaper brand. For a price premium.

    This car isn’t made “for canadians”. It is for idiots who are willing to pay more, without getting more.

  3. Well, the Civic/CSX is the same as Caravan/Town & Country, Trailblazer/Envoy/Ascender/Rainier/9-7x/(what did I miss), 500/Montego. I guess Vince got “excited” because it’s a Honda trying to do the American way of badge engineering, which is fairly reasonable. More models always give consumers more choices, I wouldn’t use the word “idiots” to describe those people, because they may like the styling or their dealers better (LOL).

  4. BTW, it’s the same styling as the japanese civic.

    For the rest, ad auto-climate control, 2.0l 155hps engine and 5 speed sportshift tranny with paddle shifters.

  5. All that good stuff should be available on the US Civic.
    ” Caravan/Town & Country, Trailblazer/Envoy/Ascender/Rainier/9-7x/(what did I miss), 500/Montego. More models always give consumers more choices”
    I can do without that kind of choices.
    I want real choices, with cars that don’t look the same…
    Is that really too much to ask……….

  6. You’ve got to realize that Acura Canada’s situation is particular and different than in the US. Disposable income in Canada is lesser. Acura dealerships therefore need a bread and butter car. TSX and soon-to-be-gone RSX aren’t enough. That’s also where the CSX comes in to play a role.

  7. You’ve got to realize that Acura Canada’s situation is different than that in the US. Disposable income in Canada is lesser and Acura dealerships therefore need a bread-and-butter car, and TSX and soon-to-be-dead RSX sales won’t cut it, hence the existence of the previous EL and new CSX.

  8. I live in Canada. I saw one this morning parked on the street. It looks almost identical to the Civic. Same stupid dashboard too.

  9. im so confused people claiming the american way of badge engineering, foreign companies have been doing it for years, worse than american but people hate american cars how odd..all those cars that were name driving down the road u can tell them apart, and the reflect image of their brand, acura has how many cars off the same platform, a platform that started out as a typical cheap family car? lets see, tsx-tl-mdx continuing accord- odyssey-pilot-ridgeline, rsx-civic-crx-csx how many does honda have? lets go further, isuzu oasis-odyssey, passport-rodeo, slx-trooper, all of which looked exactly like the cars they were based on with no difference at all besides “badges.” but gm is horrible for making cars on the same platform actually look different, have different purposes, and appeal to different customers……right

  10. OK people, you gotta work on getting some punctuation into your postings. It’s pretty hard for others to get your point if they can’t understand what you’ve typed.

    Also, you’re not quite right with Honda’s shared platforms.
    US Accord – TL – RL
    US Odyssey – Pilot – MDX – Ridgeline

    The TSX is the European/JDM Accord – NOT the same as the US Accord.

    The RSX shared a platform with the Civic Si (SiR in Canada, the 3-dor hatch), NOT the previous generation Civic sedan. They didn’t even come from the same plant – sedans/coupes from Canada, RSX from Japan, Si from England, I think.

    Besides the CSX and Civic, I would never compare Honda with the domestic badge engineering. GM’s half a dozen minivans ALL look and drive the same. Same body panels, same engine, same decade old platform. Plus, I don’t think many people appreciate the different engine in the CSX which really justifies the price difference from the Civic.

  11. Acura CSX is the real Japanese version of Civic except we have a better engine! ^^ 2000cc DOHC vs. 1800cc SOHC, both i-VTEC, but 155 vs 140; extra: 5AT +/- available! in USDM Civic it ain’t available! find a way to import it from Canada and good luck

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