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Is it me, or these new pictures of the Buick Lucerne look really good.
Am I getting old?
I think from these angles the Lucerne has an almost muscular presence I never noticed before.

The V8 model starts at under $32 000 and has very few options. That could become much less once incentives kick in.
It could really be a alternative to cars like the Lexus ES 330.
But after ruining their image for decades, can they sell cars to the under 70 crowd?

Would anyone here in the market for a luxury car consider the Lucerne?

By the way, it is shipping to dealers today, so we’ll be able to see fro ourselves if it really look like a Passat from the rear…

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  1. The Lucerne looks so modern now and so simple unlike the Lesabre.
    By the way there selling Lesabres in Canada for $28995 CDN full and if you’re lucky you might get incentives to about $5000 CDN. Wow!

  2. I don’t really see the Q45 in there…
    This seems a much more muscular design, with more personality than the Infiniti.

  3. I think that it looks very good and I would consider one if I was in the market for this type of car. Honestly, I think that GM is finally starting to get their act together. If the quality, fit & finish and materials are up to par, then I think that GM might have a competitive product on their hands.

    And yes I agree that the car looks kind of muscular from some angles. Very nice indeed.

  4. I see too much G35 in the roofline…which isn’t a bad thing…however I suppose it looks good for a buick

  5. To pick nits, I wish the taillights were a bit more expressive. They seem kind of bland. But this is a fine looking automobile with balanced proportions, nice details, and a strong presence. It will use the same GM dash design as in the Chevy Impala and Caddy DTS, but at least it’s a good design. Heck, I even like the old-school fender portholes that car magazines will probably hate.

    Good job, GM. I don’t know who’s shaking up your design department, but keep shaking. You’re on a roll.

  6. Definitely Q45. The headlights, oversize grill and badge and the shape of the rear side windows. Of course you can pick elements of other cars in just about anything, but GM rejuvenated Cadillac with unique styling. Aside from that, same old 3.8 pushrod/Northstar V8 driving the front wheels?

    This will not attract new buyers to the Buick brand/GM family – only existing ones.

  7. I have to say that the Impala, Lucerne and DTS all have their own onterior designs.
    The dashboards are all different.

    Not what it used to be in the old GM days…

  8. I think the headlights are Q45, the side I’m not sure, and the tailights are reminiscent of the Phaeton rather than the Passat, mainly because they are more rounded than the Passat’s. I would definately consider this car if I were in the market judging by the looks of the outside, but on the inside, yes, things are certainly improved, but I need more character. A Honda Accord’s interior is my favorite of any 25k-40k car (a broad range I know). That’s what I call character. But there are plenty of other good interiors out there.

  9. The Accord does have a very nice interior. But I think the Acura TL is even better. Still way under $40 000.

    The Buick interior is very Jaguar like. I think it fits the personality of the car.

  10. Actually, the basic interior dash design is the same for all vehicles. Door trim and seating vary, but the dash architecture is the same. Take a closer look.

  11. Handsome car. If I were a 50+ Republican white man, I’d consider buying it.

    Thank God I’m not a Republican pig.

  12. to correct you the radios are the same thats it…., and another thing its funny how people think this thing is bland boring, but stand behind hondas, what a joke

  13. LOL, Republican pig and Lucerne! Looks like m. moore has found his way to your website! Hopefully, he will find his way out.

  14. Thanks for the link to the review.
    The Avalon isn’t great looking. A bit bloated and heavy.
    The Buick looks really nice. And it is about the same price, but I would guess, with more insentives.
    Let’s hope it works out to be a success for GM.
    They just need to let people know about it abit more.

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  17. Vince:I agree, I didn’t see the infatuation with the Lucerne at first, but it’s growing on me. These new pictures do, infact, make them look much more muscular. If you are worried about driving dynamics and the interior, don’t be. AutoWeek just reviewed it and it read like a Toyota review (and it MUCH better looking than an Avalon). I sat in a new DTS, and if the interior is anything like that, then it will blow the Avalon out of the water:Enjoy!

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