Chevrolet Epica

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The Epica will replace the Evanda in Chevrolet’s European line up next year.
The current Evanda is actually what we know here as the Suzuki Verona.
A car no one knows in the US. I wonder if the new one will come here at all.

Form these (pretty bad) pictures, it almost looks like an Acura from the side.
That car could actually make a decent Chevy Malibu in the States. It would have a better chance against Toyota and Honda.

I’m not sure Daewoo’s quality has improved as much as Hyundai’s though.

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  1. …This is will be sold in the US as the new “Suzuki Verona” like the last “large” Daewoo…unless plans change, of course…

  2. The interior looks better than anything GM has on their lineups, including that of the new Impala, certain Buicks, and certain Cadillac models, which are just shameless copies of old Lexus interior.

    Though the front and back are covered, this car has nice solid design with atheltic proportion. GM acquiring Daewoo was the best mistake they ever made.

    They should just skill off Saab. There is no way GM will undo the bastardization it has done.

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