Citroen Pluriel Concept

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Not sure what this is.

The picture was taken during a photo shoot in Portugal.
It looks like a concept pased and inspired by the Pluriel.
But it couldn’t be the Pluriel replacement yet.

So, maybe this ‘ll be around at auto shows in Europe soon…

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  1. if you squint real hard it looks like a beetle, but that is no VW design and looks french to me, well actually it would be nice to have a cheaper smaller beetle (11k) seeing the current one is way overpriced and not selling to well ( gee wonder why ). hey VW buy one of fords plants there gonna close down and build some cars in america once again seeing you cry about the euro/dollar exchange rate hurting profits ! or hey you seem to be in bed lately with dcx, and they have excess plant capacity, so build a cheap bettle there, well call it beetle lite lol

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