Crazy camouflage…

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It is getting out of hands.
Prototypes driving around city streets now look like army tanks!
I thought they were not supposed to be noticed. This screams “take a picture of me”.

By the way, can you guess what car this is?

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  1. I think it’s obvious that’s it’s the next gen C-Class.
    Go to The Car Connection website to see for yourself on the page spy shots under enthusiasts
    and find the date March 7 2005 and you’ll find the photo.

  2. Ah Ah Ah .That’s right!
    This is a now what insurance companies require in France.

    The worse part is that most burned cars in France are older used cars that are not fully covered.
    ( you usually don’t see that many brand new cars in the projects)
    So these poor guys are out of luck…

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