Dodge Challenger Concept

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Dodge will introduce this concept at the Detroit Auto Show in January. (While GM will have their Camaro concept).

If they were thinking of this one all along, why did they bother with the ugly Charger???

It is also based ont the 300 frame, and uses the 6.1 Liter V8.
Pictures I saw of the car look exactly like the drawing. Which is to say the design doesn’t bring anything to the original. It just plain copies it.
At least the Mustang is a modern interpretation of the old one. This is not.
But still, it would look great in the street. And it might actually pass for an old car…

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  1. I saw the spy pics of it too and u can definetly recognize the roofline from the 300. I hope they don’t produce it, its way too retro for me.

  2. i saw the real car on autoweek, i cant help but to love the car, it looks just like an old muscle car, i wonder also if this car will be way to retro for most buyers, and if most of the younger crowd will like it. a younger person like me would (22) but not sure how many else. but all that aside i love the car, if the camaro isnt as nice as this i will definetely be getting one of these, old muscle car looks new car quality reliablity forget the civic si give me this……

  3. I’ll agree that the retro thing “could” backfire. However, I’m falling in love with it already.

    Vince, they build the Charger because they needed a replacement for the Intrepid. The only mistake Dodge made was to call it a Charger. That said, sales of the car have more than justified its development.

    I was one of the guys that was pissed to see that car named Charger. IMO, the Challenger is an appology. If they produce it, I’ll happily accept that appology. That car is STUNNING.

  4. This is terrible. Move on with the 21st century. These muscle cars of the past were vulgar to begin with, and in the era of fuel efficiency and economy, this car is about as forward moving as a crab.

  5. The mullet wasn’t even created when this was out… maybe if the new camero mirrored an 80’s Iroc-Z or trans am.

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