Even more 2007 Santa Fe pictures.

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The interior photo looks to be from a brochure. Even though I think the interior looks very nice, this is a pretty bad picture.

But the exterior actually reminds me of the Azera. Especially the front fenders.
If rumors are true, and it starts at around $23 000. Hyundai is going to clean up in the US market.

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  1. Vince the re-designed Santa Fe is only days away from launch (11/22). And yes I agree with you this is definitely going to be a hit for Hyundai.

    US spec version should be available by Spring of ’06. Anxiously waiting to see better quality shots of interior.


  2. ive never really been a korean car fan except the tiburon, but hyundai has done an excellent job on this car especially the interior, and on all their cars including boring new accent “hell 100 times better than the old one boring is better than ugly.” I think in the future hyundai will begin to rise to compete better with toyota and honda the quality is there desighns are there, with quality in their cars that are cheaper than the competition i think they could excellent luxury cars, i think maybe years down the road people will be fine with korean luxury cars. i see alot of those kia amanti “horrible looking” but i see alot of them so alot of people must like them

  3. Big grill, cat eye lights, yadda yadda yaddda Really just copying what others have done in a cheap package. They should sell them at Walmart.

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