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These are also the first official pictures of the new small SUV from Fiat and Suzuki.
And the Suzuki version is supposed to make it over here.

Don’t be fooled by the wide angle lens on these pictures, this thing is pretty tiny. Almost a foot shorter than a Mazda3 Hatchback!

The largest engine in Europe is a 1.9Liter with 120hp.
Not sure which one we’ll get here yet….

I am sure there is a market in the US for a sub $20 000 well designed small SUV. But I’m not sure Suzuki is the right brand for it. They spend almost no money letting people know they even exist. No one knows about their cars. And I have yet to read a good review about their new Vitara…

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  1. That’s not true about the new Grand Vitara! In fact, it’s been recieving good reviews compared to the outgoing model. This Fiat is hidious!!!!! That God we’re American!

  2. Are you kidding – no good reviews for their new Grand Vitara? You need to catch up with the times…

  3. All the reviews I read were mentioning that it just cannot keep up with the competition. Especially with a rough and noisy V6…
    If there are really good reviews out there, I havne’t seen them.
    And resale is probably horrible as well.

  4. Face it – unless it’s a Toyota, you won’t love the car totally. The Grand Vitara has almost no reviews citing a rough engine, but they do cite it gets a little tired at higher RPMs and freeway passing.

  5. I’ve test driven a new Grand Vitara and honestly, it felt as if I were driving a Honda or Toyota. I was very impressed with it and if I was in the market for a new car I’d very much consider one. Test drive one compared to the CRV, Equinox, Tuscon, and Sportage Vince before you criticize too much!

  6. Yeah, the Grand Vitara has been getting pretty good reviews. I’ve driven one and most say I was suprised at how nice it was. The interior styling is Mazda-like while the quality was Toyota-like. Also, I like how the styling is more masculant than most mini-utes IMO.

    On the main topic, the Suzuki version of this will look less “outdoorsy”. This is like the Pontiac Vibe while the Suzuki version will be more like the Toyota Matrix if you get my drift. The Suzuki will get a 2L in the US that will most likely feature VVT. Look for its debut at NYIAS.

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