Ford 4-Track Concept

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Not sure what this is…
They just released the new Sort Track, and this looks pretty much the same.
But I think this is actually a preview of the next Ranger. After all these years…

It looks OK, but nothing better than any other “compact” pick up truck out there… And it’s not even out yet…

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  1. No you’re not wrong because that’s what this “new” design is an exact look-a-like of. It’s funny how it seems to work here though.

    Previous post stated that it may only be for Asian market. I haven’t heard a peep from Ford North America about reviving the Ranger so it maybe that they’ve given up on that segment of the market.


  2. i actually think it looks pretty mondern even intersting and unique without being just plain hideous (ridgeline, aztek) i doubt a for if coming to america will look like this it will be a much lower quality watered down version of this car

  3. I happen to think this truck is kinda cool, but I would actually pick the Ridgeline over this. It’s just something about the ridgeline that is kinda interesting (maybe it’s not like the other BORING pickups).

  4. is it only me or IS IT A KNOCK OFF A MITSUBISHI RAIDER?

    I don’t see it being the next ranger!

    posted by TSX

  5. I can’t tell teh size..otherwise I’d say maybe it is a Ridgeline/Avalanche competitor. I do know that the new design head at FoMoCo said something abou the 3 bar grill being the new face of Ford, so maybe this is the 3 barred version of the SportTrac unveiled earlier. I have mixed feelings about the 3 bar grill, but Ford is already pressing with it. Wonder what the 500 would look like with it…

  6. This ranger looks alot like a nissan fronteer, or a raider. this does not look like it would be a ranger, but I do like the big cab. Is there even a hitch? What about engines. an eco-boost 3.5 would be a good engine.

  7. I don’t think it is coming here.Seems it was unveiled at the Thailand International Motor Expo and it is intended for Asia/Pacific area.Too bad, the Ranger has been pushed back for so many years for a replacement that it no longer is even a blip on many shoppers radar when considering a new small truck.

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