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No new cars today….(next big thing is the new Escalade later in the week).

But GM actually showed a couple of interesting takes on their current cars at the SEMA show.
Seems like the HHR inspires a lot of aftermarket people.

The HHR by Yearone. (whoever that is…)

The HHR Tuner Panel.
Looks like all 4 doors are still there. It would work better with only two. Just like the one above.
But an interesting take on the front grille.

The Pontiac Torrent “Accessorized”.
Some of these actually make the Torrent cooler than its Chevy twin. They should make it to production.

The Cobalt SS and HHR “open Air”.
You guessed it, a giant glass roof. GM already offers these in some Opels.

That should definitly be on the option list!

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  1. Year One is a company that provides parts for restorations of classic muscle cars from Ford, Dodge, and (mostly) GM. They’re well known for their NOS parts and previously unavailable parts.

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