Hyundai Accent Hatchback

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This is no RS Concept.

The production version of the Accent Hatch is a big let down compared to the concept shown just a few weeks ago.
And the actual RS, if it ever makes it to production, will just be like this one. With larger wheels and a spoiler.

If you want a small, economical hatch in the US, this is one of the very few. But in Europe, this car has no chances.
The competition is all better looking than this old fashion design.

Once again,this Hyundai will only sell because it is cheaper….

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  1. that is so cheap compared to the original concept! like yu say, this car has no chance in europe.the concept would have been a best seller!!

  2. Oh my gosh this is so ugly when compared to the sedan. It has a wedge rear window and the front is so unlike Hyundai

  3. I actually think that this is an attractive sub-compact. Clearly, they were going more toward the contemporary buyers and not the xA lovers. A clean-looking subcompact can sell if it does everything it is supposed to with a little kick, and it looks like this one just might. If you can get one with a sunroof and XM for $14,000, this car is a good deal.

  4. I think for that much money you can get a Focus Hatcback. Almost a Mazda3 and for sure the New small Nissan Versa.

    The Hyundai will be quite cheaper than $14000 though…

  5. If I was a car designer, I would not want to work for hyundai these days. Good thing they could release some pressure designing some prototypes because their production cars are “I’m so depressed” boring. Is there really somebody in the world that dreams about getting a hyundai? I bet most hyundai buyers are of the type “I’d rather get a *** but I can’t afford it so I’m gonna buy the cheapo and boring version from Corea”

  6. Actually, 54% of Hyundai buyers buy Hyundais again. You can find that in USA Today. Only Mercedes-Benz buyers buy more MBs once more.

    Hyundai people love Hyundai, plain and simple. They aren’t like other cars in ways that aren’t readily apparent. Hondas and Toyotas don’t have soul. Mazdas don’t have the quality Hyundais do. Their designs are different than other car brands. Yes, they aren’t going to reinvent the wheel with an Accent hatchback, but the car is definitely European streamlined looking, and tasteful. We have to remember, also, that fleet sales are big to Hyundai, and offering the Accent as some racous crazefest wouldn’t have Hertz calling them up and ordering 10,000 units at a time.

    The fact of the matter is that this car is decent, and better than a Chevrolet Aveo, probably Scion xA, and will definitely be more reliable than anything Nissan, or Mazda have to offer. Also, even if you can get a Mazda3 for $14,000, that car won’t have XM or a moonroof…or a 10 year 100,000 mile warranty, or quality for that matter. Go look at a used Mazda3 and see how the switchgear holds up over time, and how many squeaks and rattles there are. The newness wears off fast. The new breed of Hyundai won’t do that.

  7. I always like to see someone sticking up for Hyundai, but I’d like to see the poster above validate his/her broad statements, like saying Hyundai quality is better than Mazda or Nissan. Is that really true objectively? Also, it is stated that Mercedes customers evidently buy MBs again in high numbers but their quality is in the hole — would that indicate a disconnect between customer loyalty and quality?

  8. (I wrote the 5th message and I’m responding to the 6th)

    Hyundais are definitively a good purchase. What I meant is that it’s not a passionnate one. When you buy a hyundai, you don’t get as excited as when you buy a BMW for example (I’m exagerating of course as nobody would compare those two)

    You get Toyota quality, boring but OK styling, acceptable performance, acceptable everything in fact. And since hyundai quality is still not reknown by all, you get all that for a good price too.

    I would recommend one for my mother anytime. And I think I would buy one as a second car. But I’ve never had a wet dream thinking about a hyundai yet.

    step 1 : collect underwear
    step 2 : …
    step 3 : profit
    ” (southpark)

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