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The smaller CX7 isn’t out yet, and we already have a preview of the larger CX9. Which will replace the MPV in the US.

The CX7 is supposed to be based on the same platform as the Ford Edge, but will be powered by a 2.3 Liter Turbo engine.
And the CX9 is said to be based on a longer version of that platform. And might use the new Ford 3.5 Liter V6.
The CX9 will offer 3 rows of seats.

But I’ve read somewhere that the CX 7 was actually based on a longer Mazda3 platform. It would almost maked sense, using the 2.3 Liter and all.
Now, what do I know….

Anyone here knows for sure????

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  1. the cx7 is going to be on the same platform as the ford ege, and the new aviator, mazda’s crossover was announced before the other two were

  2. I don’t like the idea of replacing the perfectly sized MPV with an SUV… But I understand it considering the poor sales of the MPV…

  3. cx7 and edge don’t look now but this field will get even more crowded and competitive than ever.

    Hope these boys brought their game because new Santa Fe will be the one to beat in ’06!


  4. It’s the same idea Vince… CX-7 is based of a Mazda6 platform and not the mazda3. they can use the 2.3 turbo just as they did with the mazdaspeed6!

    And you’ve finally agreed, MPV will not make a comeback after the 2006, it will be replaced with CX-9 which is expected to make its debut in Fall 2006 while the CX-7 will make its debut Spring 2006. Although it will be in Detroit in January!

    Good Luck Mazda!!

  5. I highly doubt this will replace the MPV since the new MPV was just introduced in Japan. Many car manufacturers have been successful with a 7-passenger SUV AND a minivan, so why can’t Mazda?

    This should provide some good competition with the new Santa Fe, but I have a feeling this will have a more exciting driving experience.

  6. Mazda cannot do both a minivan and a 7 passenger SUV because Mazda does not have a big exposure swuch as Ford, Toyota, and Chevrolet. If they sell both, both will flop.

  7. I work for mazda, regarding my earlier post about the CX-9.

    And CX-9 is a replacement for the MPV, the minivan isn’t big enought to compete with Ody/Sienna and Mazda being a smaller company doesn’t have the resources to design a seperate minvan for the North American market.

    CX-9 will debut August 2006.

    posted by TSX!

  8. Actually the CX9 will debut July 2006. I surely know that the CX9 is on a slightly enlarged platform of the Mazda6 and engines, well I do know that the Mazda6’s engine should be the base engine. Though replacing the minivan with a crossover seems simple but it isn’t. You have to think about selling points and stuff like that
    and many automakers nowadays are choosing crossovers rather than minivan though it’s pretty safe but the only question for Mazda is will it work. Ford nearly slipped over with the crossover, Freestyle and soon the Edge will debut. One thing is sure, Mazda is not alone at this thing.

  9. It is a great idea.
    In a sea of minivans and big SUVs, Mazda will offer an ‘sportier” alternative.

    The Freestyle and Pacifica look like bloated wagons. Not very attractive.

    Imagine, you have 2 or 3 kids but you don’t want to drive a minivan. (’cause it makes you feel like you’ve given up on life). Yet you want something really roomy. And the thought of a 12mpg full size SUV makes you sick (as it should).

    I think if the Mazda looks really good, it will be a breakthrough. Copied by many others…

  10. If the Mazda CX9 is based on the same platform and sheetmetal as the Senku, it should be a big hit for the company. Provided that it has plenty of power, superior build quality, and is kitted out as a true GT. It certainly has the visual cache. Got to lose those stupid sliding doors, though.

  11. THIS IS REALLY DUMB MAZDA. We need your minivan. How about making it all wheel drive, more powerful, and just a hair wider (2 more inches between front seats) with a tad more storage space in the rear. Hmmmm sounds like something you are doing in japan – and minivans are becoming popular again. Dumb a s s move

  12. I work with Mazda Canada. The new Mazda line up is going to be ground breaking, not to mention very stylish as well as very practical. As far as the MPV being replaced I don’t know, due to the fact the new MPV will be huge in Japan. One thing I do know for is that Hyundai can not and will never in my opinion compare to Mazda. The Santa Fe is just another hyped up piece of Koren tin. Which has absolutely no similar driving characterstics as Mazda.

  13. The CX-7 is NOT a shared platform with any Ford. This was designed from the outset to only be able to accommodate a 4 cylinder so Ford wouldn’t want it..

    The CX-9, on the other hand is a shared platform with the Ford Edge, and Aviator.. with a 3.5 V6. The CX-7 and CX-9 look very similar, however, they are not two versions of the same vehicle, but rather two totally different vehicle..

    These two vehicles will go after two different markets.. The CX-7 for singles and young couples that occasionally take a couple extra people. The CX-9 is a seven passenger SUV designed for the people who would normally ‘need’ an MPV, but that don’t want a minivan.. The new MPV is too small for America and Mazda already has the Mazda5 as a small van type of vehicle..

    Both cars use pieces from the Mazda3 and Mazda6, with the CX-9 being the most based upon the Mazda6 platform. The CX-7 is very nice and sporty, but the CX-9 will be much more luxurious with an interior on a par with an Audi. Look for it at the New York Auto Show!

  14. The CX-7 rides on a Mazda3 platfrom, and the CX-9 rides on a Mazda6 platform. Word is that the V6 will produce 265hp instead of 250hp too. At 200 inches, it will be bigger some other vehicles with 3 rows.

  15. rvI have 3 kids and a 1999 Durango, 8 cylinders. Each time we go on a trip is a $50 full tank drive, I now my Middle age crisis is far from putting me into a sports car since my kids are 5,7, and 14, but I can’t wait to see the new mazda CX-9. The design is preatty cool
    Hope that the space is enough for my gang,

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

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