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If you look closely, you can tell the interior is actually the same as the Tahoe.
Only the dash has been redesigned…

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  1. Vince I actually like the dash. It really is much needed improvement over the previous design. The Escalade is a winner for Caddillac and even though I’m not particularly fond of barge SUVs there’s just something very cool looking about this one.


  2. i like it, the fact that they acutally gave it a different dash is a huge improvement, the exterior is alot cleaner, without all those horrible edge “moldings”, overall i like it, for this class of suv i think its fine, the lx, and landcruiser have the same interior with more leather in the lexus, the qx, and armada have the same interior, at least they are trying to seperate the luxury model from the lower end.

  3. So is this one vulger? 😛

    I am very happy to see a larger difference between this vehicle and the Tahoe/Yukon. While the interior is just an upgrade, the completely different dash changes the atmosphere completely. Unlike the last Escalade, the interior of this one actually looks luxurious.

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