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These new shots almost make it look classy.
The interior especially. Doors and console are still from the Tahoe. They haven’t gone as far as Ford with Lincoln.
And when you look towards the back seat, or the top of the doors, you can really see the pick up truck roots of this “luxury” SUV…
Again, not bad if you’re towing big things. But most people aren’t…

I would think when you spend over $60 000 you would want something different.

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  1. how many other cars in this class have totally original interiors than the cheaper “trucks” they are based on, i promise its not just the escalade….

  2. To quote CaMIRO (a car GOD) from the Car and Driver forums:

    “Complete the following sentences:

    A Lincoln Navigator is…
    A Lexus LX470 is…
    An Infiniti QX56 is…”


  3. You are right about the Lexus and the Infiniti. And I don’t think these 2 sell too well. Thank God…

    But the Navigator does have its own interior. So does the Zephyr. Only a few switches are shared with the Ford models.

  4. Why is it so accepted to take potshots at people owning larger vehicles than they need (i.e. SUVs).

    Let’s start criticizing the size of people’s houses and how ineffiecient these are and how much land is wasted.

    Get off the SUV bashing train!

  5. Oh come on, are you honestly comparing a large house with a large SUV?

    We all hear of the environmental damage that large-engined vehicles cause, so it’s just plain irresponsible to use vehicles like this for taking the kids to school. Hauling some horses, or genuine offroading OK – but how many really use it for that?

    I don’t take issue with the size of the vehicle, but I do take issue with the inefficiency of the engine. 6.2 litres to generate 400bhp… there are 2.0T engines from Opel that deliver 240bhp!

  6. “Why is it so accepted to take potshots at people owning larger vehicles than they need (i.e. SUVs).”
    Because the owners of these vehicles show a complete lack of responsibility and moral deprivation. These vehicles are totally useless. The only reason they exist is the ridiculous tax deductions out government hands out to these drivers as a round about form or corporate welfare. GM is addicted to selling these vehicles. If they didn’t have full size SUVs there would be no GM to speak of. You can’t tell me you “NEED” an asscalade.

  7. morality has to do with owning a large suv how……u guys are taking this way to personal did u want an escalade and couldnt buy one or something? a large suv is the closest thing in space to a van so if u dont want a van, but need the space buy a large suv, and on the same note as other people here lets talk about people who drive 2 seater cars, that are easily wrecked that get 10mpg. or people buy cheap civics spend mustang gt, or corvette money and never get as fast they do, so find the other categories that make no sense like mercedes who actually has horrible reliability but people buy them because of the star on their hood…..and as a correction add the gx, and that horrible lincoln truck which looks just like an f150 on the inside and outside but you have spoken once about that, get a tissue wipe your eyes, and leave large suvs alone…

  8. You want to look like a fool and drive a super sized SUV fine. Then keep it off the road. SUVs should be treated like all other heavy trucks on the road. Force them to drive 55mph everywhere in the right lane and make them stop at weight stations for an inspection every few hundred miles. Maybe you should have a special license to drive one too. There is no reason why SUV owners should be allowed to put themselves and every other road user in danger just because they feel the desire to overcompensate for other personal inadequacies.

  9. I agree with the special license, and speed limit.

    We have an area in LA called laurel Canyon. A curvy road through the hills.
    There is a weight limit to trucks who can drive through, I think it is 8000 pounds. That would make an Excursion illegal. But no one cares….

    And by they way, roads will be even more unsafe when these 15 year old SUVs will be sold for way under $10000 to people who can’t really afford the maintenance on them. Like brakes…

    Of course, no one uses a Corvette’s potential, or most sport cars. But they are not a danger to others when they’re on the road.

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