New Camry?

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No, no. This is NOT the new Camry.
It is the Japanese market Mark X. But from that angle, it does look pretty close, doesn’t it?

This would actually make a great new Lexus ES. But the 2007 ES is still based on the Camry. For the last time.
So maybe the next Mark X will end up being the ES after all… In five years….

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  1. That’s really sweet! If Toyota introduced this design I can see it moving right off the assembly line into a whole of garages here in the U.S.


  2. this is a toyota i actually like because it isnt horribly boring. but the interior is very nice also you should get pictures of it and put it up

  3. Good call for another Cressida, even though the Avalon has filled the void. The Toyota Cressida sold in the US was sold as the Toyota Mark II in Japan so the Mark X (which I’m quite sure is RWD) would be a likely candidate.

    Unfortunately, Toyota (and most other car manufacturers) rightly cater to the fairly conservative tastes of US consumers.

  4. I wonder ES will ever be a RWD platform. If they were to base the ES on the Mark series down the road, they’ll have to make sure it doesn’t cannibalize GS sales. After all, ES is roughly the same size and more spacious.

    But with the introduction of the new IS, the ES is looking more out of place than ever. Priced like an IS, but offers more space than GS. But I think it only looks out of place because of the Germans.

    Maybe Mercedes should adopt Lexus approach and create a FWD car… like Mercedes D320. Priced like a C-class, but as spacious as the E-class. They will sell a ton of those, more than enough to make up the potential loss in C or E sales.

  5. Not actually that the Mark X would be a Lexus ES but the ES is basically a Japanese Windom with badging. The Mark X would work here but then it’ll probably have to likely go under the Lexus badge.
    Go to
    to see the Windom.

  6. After years of selling all Lexus models as Toyotas in Japan (as noted above), Toyota has introduced the Lexus brand in Japan. One might forecast future developemnts in the Lexus line by checking in on their website: So far, more Lexus models are still sold in the US.

    I think Toyota can only sell new Lexus models in Japan, as I’m sure the public would get wise to a Toyota Celsior suddenly sold as a Lexus LS430! Though only the badge is different, I’m sure the brand differential is a factor.

    Interestingly, Toyota already has several channels in Japan, even within the Toyota brand. Dealers sell certain groups of Toyotas. Honda employs a similar tactic in Japan.

  7. windom is dead after they redesign it as a true lexus. the mark series will never replace the es. i just say kill the oversided avalon and bring the Cressida back

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