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Just an illustration of what the next Mondeo might look like.
Looks very realistic to me. Not too crazy, but better looking than almost anything else out there in the segment.

Too bad there is no room for this in the US line up. Next to it, the Fusion will look like a 10 year old design…

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  1. You can clearly see the isos concept in this rendition. It really looks perfect here and definetly producable. Ford Europe has come up with some great designs and their lineup really seems like the freshest one in all of europe. Theyr’e working hard to push ahead in a tough market.

  2. this thing is nice, this is a car worthy of being made into a jaguar low slung, curvy, sorta looks like one, and much better looking than the fusion

  3. We drool over ford’s offerings in europe but europeans see the mondeo is mediocre in comparison to the other cars in its segment.

  4. …Looks like the “Iosis” prototype…very nice…makes you wonder what a 2006 or 2007 Contour what have been like here in the states.

  5. As nice as the Fusion is, it is crap when sitting next to this.

    I think Ford should do exactly what GM is FINALLY starting to do. They are building their European products over here and selling them as Saturns.

    Ford should do the same for Mercury. THAT is how you save Mercury.

  6. Exactly!
    I’ve been thinking the same for years.

    The way to save Mercury is to sell European Fords. You can even justify a higher price than the regular Fords.
    The cars are already designed. Just bring them over!

    They could charge $30 000 for a loaded Mondeo here. Instead they keep having to rely on rebates, deals, incentives , and struggle to get a $22000 Milan out the door…

  7. Is it me or does it look just like the Camry in the picture right above?
    You say the camry is nice but the Ford is not, and yet if you were driving down the road you couldn’t tell the differance between them.

  8. ton answer your question its just you…. this looks nothing like the camry above or any camry for that matter, it actually has style, looks sporty, and is more than just a good car, it looks good.

  9. Excellent design, Ford! Give it Honda/Toyota reliability, and it’ll be a raving success. But please let Americans have it.

  10. I agree with the comment that it looks like the Camry pic…the front end, the mirrors, the shoulders…etc. Anyway, for has a tough job to do. There are 6 sedans in this class in America that Ford can rake in a ton of cash in. They are: Ford/Mercury/Mazda and Lincoln/Jaguar/Volvo. Like somone said about GM, Ford needs to follow suit with the TrailBlazer/Envoy/Rainier/9-7x/Ascender deal, although it will need to SERIOUSLY differentiate with the interior and exterior designs. Instead Ford is dicking around with the Fusion/Milan/Zephyr POS line up. And then there si the Ford 500…what a waste. I wish I was president of Ford, GOD knows I will make exciting cars and sound decisions and make money for the company at the same time.

  11. This is quite an old picture, you (the British) can tell by the number plate which says 52 meaning its registered from September to March 02/03, although it is a nive car, more stylish than the current one now

  12. you know why it would make the fusion look 10 years older? cos the fusion looks like the current mondeo but the current mondeo came out in 2000

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