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This car has been seen around for a few months. But a new picture just showed up, without any camouflage.
It shows a 5 door hatchback, smaller than the Optima, but larger than the Spectra.
Maybe the new Carens, a model we don’t (yet) get over here.

It seems to look nice and modern, and could fit nicely against cars like the Mazda3 over here.

But I don’t really get the Hyundai/Kia strategy. All their models seem to overlap, with no big presonality differences.
It’s not like one is sporty while the other is luxurious. Or modern vs conservative. You could pretty much switch badges on any of them…

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  1. Supposedly Kia is the sporty brand, but since Hyundai still has to establish itself so for now they are pretty close…..

  2. Note: You can kind of see the Hyundai badge on the front and the grille and headlights look alot like the 2007 Hyundai Accent but I guess this can’t be a Hyundai because Hyundai should become a sedan/SUV/Van manufacturer. No coupes, no trucks and nothing fun.
    My guess is this should be a competitor for the Audi A3 and the Canada only Acura CSX. Though I think this is a slightly more upscale car than the Spectra5.

  3. a teeny bit bigger than spectra 5 a teeny bit smaller than vibe/matrix/pt cruiser/hhr, and im sure they will sell well if priced right ! and ya they said kia=sport hyundai=luxury, so i believe them dammit! lol (badge engineering if u ask me, so far) ok kia blow my pants off, build a rear wheel drive v-8 camaro killer (sporty) like ya wanna be sport, and watch your sales fly thru the roof !

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