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Renault is thinking about reviving the legendary Alpine name for a new sports car based on the Nissan Z.

These pictures of the Takhion concept show what might be one of the design direction for the project. Or should they go with a retro design, inspired by the classic Alpine from the 60’s?

If they can’t compete in the luxury car segment with the Vel Satis, I am not sure they could actually go against Porsche with this…. Same problem, people are buying a name.

Maybe Alpine would actually help in that regard.

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  1. i think if they price around or not to much more than the z, i dont see why they couldnt, and i think renault could compete in the luxury car segment, but the problem was their entry. the vel satis, is far from a typical luxury vehicle with odd proportions, styling, and interior desighn, unique and a cool idea, but the point is if they had made a more mainstream car they may have actually done well,

  2. I drove a Vel Satis for 2 weeks. And I pretty much loved it. I think it is a much better car than the Maxima.
    But name is very important in that segment. And there is no beating BMW and Mercedes. Opel, Ford, Lancia and others are having the same problem.

    But I agree that Alpine does have a chance.

  3. Alpine is not a much better name than Renault. Who still knows Alpine? And for those who still know it, it is a very weird car. But hey, Renault is Formula 1 champion, they could make a Renault sportscar “inspired by the Formula 1”. Could they? No. The reason is simple: A Formula 1 engagement doesn’t make a brand sportier. Even if they win both titles…

  4. my comment wasnt that it was a bad car, but weird in the segment, its a cross between a van, suv, wagon, and luxury sedan, with ackward styling, its a little to polarizing to be popular. A typical renault luxury sedan, may actually sell better if priced right, and was stylish. While the typical german luxury sedans are just that typical, the french cars are very polarizing from citroen to renault. opel’s problem was the fact they didnt have a good one from reading magazines the omega was never a good entry, ford hasnt actually had a luxury car in europe.

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  6. Et oui, que penser d’Alpine? Un passé en rallye et surtout une image, un rêve pour beaucoup d’européens de ma génération (1958).
    En ce XXIème siècle, après le succès de la Mini, la VW Cocinelle et la Fiat 500, il serait tentant de lancer Alpine ou… Gordini… mais avec un baril à 90$ et une pression environementale… le concept Alpine devient une micro niche et un non sens si l’Alpine ne roule pas en rallye…
    En attendant, j’ai une superbe Alpine A310, une vraie and if you want some pictures of it… just ask it… [email protected]

    Eric from Brusels- Belgium

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