new Santa Fe detail.

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Just a quick update.
One more photo of the Korean market Hyundai Santa Fe.

It does look pretty upscale to me. They might actually be taken seriously when they claim to compete with Lexus.

I hope the well integrated Navigation System makes it to the US.
I hear a “dealer installed’ Navigation is available for the Azera. That usually sucks. They would have to actually replace the whole radio/air unit… Plus they can charge you whatever they want for it.

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  1. Vince I agree about the Nav it would be a let down if they left this as a dealer only option. I’d like to see more of the interior of the new Santa Fe -remember the launch date is 11/22/05-before I can really say whether this could measure up to the quality of a Lexus.

    For sure this is their benchmark we’ll know soon whether they hit the mark.


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