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The Current European Previa is still one of the most modern looking minivan out there. So this one doesn’t look that much better.
Still, it looks light years ahead of the Sienna we have in the US. And the new Previa is available with a 3.5 Liter V6 with 280hp.
Sounds like the Avalon engine. And a hybrid is coming soon.

Could this actually replace the Sienna in the US in a couple of years???

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  1. This reminds me of the time when Toyotas were cool… When everybody was dreaming about getting a black Toyota 4X4 pickup like in Back to the future… The time when the previa was the most amazing vehicule out there…Not the best vehicule but the most intriguing… I still find our old previas very good looking.

  2. Dont know why Toyota hasn’t brought this to the states. The Sienna is ugly and overpriced. This Previa/Estima is the ONLY logical answer to the domination of the Odyssey, a mighty fine minivan. If Toyota seriously wants to give Honda a tough time, it needs to bring the Previa back. No one will miss the Sienna.

  3. One key difference between the Previa/Estima and Sienna are the exterior dimensions, particularly the width. The Previa/Estima measures 70.53 inches, whereas the Sienna is 77.4. The Sienna is also a good foot longer. I think these more compact dimensions are necessary in Europe/Japan but might seem too small in the US, however slight the difference.

    Talking about widths of cars, apparently the new Mitsu Eclipse is wider than a Ford Explorer! It’s deceiving due to the shape of the greenhouse.

  4. Euro Previa dash is MUCH nicer than the funky dash in the Sienna. Its a draw on the exterior– they both look goofy & disproportionate. I suspect the Euro Previa suffers from the same fatal crash-test results that killed the Previa “death-trap” here in the US.

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