Rude behavior.

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All in the name of cars…

The 1st picture comes from Buffalo New York.
And I think the 2nd picture was taken at the Geneva Auto Show.

Shocking indeed…

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  1. Wow! Now how did the Civic get into the Altima’s way, I mean how could it ever smash alongside the narrow Buffalo, New York border crossings. That man driving the Civic must be crazy enough and the owner of the Altima I say must be shocked! The second picture is total rudeness and I’m not going to comment anymore. Good posts though.

  2. Must be one of those pre-paid toll systems (like FasTrak in CA) that cars drive through without stopping.

    If any cash payment were required, the Civic driver might have been trying to pass the toll gate without paying or was too drunk or drugged to know what he was doing.

  3. First image originated from another website, won’t go there though. But do notice, the Altima was the one with the front end damage, so it tried to crash through the Civic, which was stopped. I have the other image, which shows that the Altima has no rear damage, but the Civic does.

    Second image… You have to be brave, I hope whoever shot the picture showed it to the lady.

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