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It seems like our American bashing reader might be right after all.
The white SUV on the picture does look a lot like the new Ssangyong Kyron.
Here are some picture of the production model.

And that would make sense for the other one to be the Rexton…

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  1. When I first saw the back of the Rexton a few months ago in Top Gear magazine, I threw up in my mouth a little.

    That is one ugly car. It makes the Aztec look like a Jag E-Type.

  2. The ssanggyong suv thats in europe seems to be doing pretty well. Design wise its just a cheap imitation of the last mercedes ml class. I really think though if chinese cars were sold here at a really low price they would definetly take off. It kinda sucks how much money big established companies spend on advancing design just to have it ripped off by chinese firms selling their imations for cheap prices. It may not be the same but who wouldn’t want a car for soo cheap.

  3. i actually liked the rexton it was unique, but not ugly unique like the aztek and from what i remember a very nice interior, it would have made a nice gm suv somewhere. it looked rugged and modern at the same time,

  4. forgot add something to my last comment actually ssangyongs are korean. they have been making cars for years, and look nothing like any mercedes, the sedans were based on mercedes cars, and their engines were mercedes engines, they had an suv that sorta looked like a jeep but that was it

  5. Are they trying really hard to make all vehicules from that brand as ugly as possible? I think they succeed every time.

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