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From the comments I’ve been getting. Ssang Yong seems to be the most hatted brand around..
So I decided to post more.

Their new, smaller, model it the Actyon. From what I understand it is powered by a 2.0 Liter good for 145hp. Not bad.
It is also available with 4WD.
It doesn’t look much like an SUV, but a cross between a car, and SUV and a dog nose.
And like all other Sang Young designs, it is disturbing.

But I think the disturbing part is pretty much restricted to the front end. The rest of the car and the interior actually look pretty decent.

Ssang Young was created in 1954 in Korea. It was later bought by Daewoo, then Hyundai.
It is now owned by SAIC, a Chinese company.
And all their models use Merdedes engines.

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  1. The design doesn’t remind me of the Aztek at all.
    It;s more like the 1980’s Opel Kadett based Pontiac Le Man (the fastback one)
    Or that little 4 door hatch Ford used to import from Korea. I forgot the name of it…

  2. they make very nice interiors, that ugly van suv mix thing was ugly, but i think this is a nice suv, as was everything ive seen from them

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  4. I work in Seoul now and see the Actyon all over the place. They’re actually pretty striking in real life.

  5. Hi,

    I just wanted to say that this car is probably the only suv that has a stronger body compared to all it’s rivals in todays market, I’d buy it but the only problem is I’d be the only one driving that car in my country, since everyone is so serious about spare parts.

    I thought it was the drive that counted!

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