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This is the Suzuki clone of the new Fiat SUV.
But we are supposed to get this one in the US.

Engines in Europe include a 107hp and a 120hp Diesel.
Let’s hope something just a little bit bigger makes it over here. (how about the 2.2 Liter from the Cobalt…)

I liked the design of the Fiat, and the same goes for the Suzuki.
It is refreshing to see the option of a small SUV in the US. With everything getting larger and larger.
It might be a cool,roomy and modern alternative to smaller cars like the Focus or Mazda3..

It goes on sale inn Europe in March 2006.

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  1. personally it in this form better than the fiat, but i would have to agree, i think this is a good alternative to a cheap boring car like a rio, or aveo, etc. not that this very exciting but it is unique.

  2. It would be nice if they did bring the 120hp diesel. Should have plenty of torque to feel quick in the city, and 120hp is plenty for a small car like this I think.

    Diesel and AWD for a low enough price, and excellent economy too. I think that could do well. Of course, I am still hoping for Dodge to bring the Caliber with AWD and Diesel, which they are actually considering, but it won’t be here until a year or more after the gas models.

  3. I hope we will get this sooner than next year. It reminds me a lot of the unpopular Pacer that once I loved and had.
    I have been waiting for the Yaris, The Fit, and the Accent three doors. If it is confirmed that we would get the Suzuki SX4 I would wait for it!.

  4. Jake @ Suzuki of Elkhart

    The SX4 WILL BE coming to US SOIL in 30 days. I am the Internet Sales Manager for a Suzuki Dealership in Indiana. I will have 1 and only 1 suzuki sx4(like every other US dealer) in 45 days. Here is the VERIFIED specs for the 1st(will be more) US MODEL Suzuki SX4:

    – Standard 2.0 L, 16 Valve, DOHC, 4 Cylinder Engine
    – 3-Mode All Wheel Drive System (AWD)
    -MP3/AM/FM/XM Ready CD Stereo w/ 4 Speakers
    -4 Channel Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) w/ EBD
    -Power Windows/Lock Standard
    -Standard 143 horsepower
    -Remote Keyless Entry
    -Cruise Control Available
    -Roof Rack

    I will be selling ALL Suzuki SX4’s at INVOICE via .

    Please visit and BUY SUZUKI!!

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