Talking about Hyundai concepts…

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Here is what I mean.
They actually came out with so many concepts over the years. Yet none of them has ever inspired any of their production cars…
Not even the seemingly “production ready” Tiburon hardtop convertible made it into the showrooms.
And they are always seeding rumors about how these are previews of their next models, blah blah blah…

There. I’ve said it.

(It’s pretty cool to get another look at these anyway…)

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  1. Hyundai makes some of the most funniest concepts I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The closest I like is the Tiburon convertible.

  2. The second one down is actaully really cool and it would make a great prodcution version. The next one down (the 3rd) is a copy of a ford design and the one below that is a blatant copy of that lexus/toyota concept. The rest are crap.

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