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All these brands are considering adding an SUV to their lineup.
Lamborghini, Maserati and even Bentley.

What do you think? Should everybody have one, even these legendary names?

I don’t think these brands need to sell 100 000 units a year each. Their point is to be exclusive.
VW, BMW and Fiat alerady make tons of cash selling cars under their own brands. (well.. Maybe not Fiat…).
Why try to grow these luxury names into huge sale numbers?

What they should do first is make sure cars sold under their own names are reliable before trying to boost productions of Bentley or Lamborgini…

What do you think? Should everybody make one, even these legendary names?

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  1. well lamborghini has done an suv before so that isnt such a big stretch for them, i can understand a maserati sport wagon even, but the bentley seems pointless. but i could imagine a business case for it, with the gaudiness of cadillac, lincoln, infiniti full size suvs, i dont see why a bentley not hugely overpriced wouldnt sell well, luxury suvs have to come to represent i have money, and bad taste, and i want to show it off, so this would work…..i just wouldnt be a fan

  2. I think they would need to invent their own genre. An SUV with Lambo badge won’t sell. It has to be something special just like their sports cars.

    Mercedes R-Class is a step in the right direction. A cross between a minivan and a sedan. Sure, we’ve seen similar genre by Japanese companies in the early 90s, but those were done in smaller scale and didn’t have 3 pointed star badge.

  3. I agree with the initial post. Most SUV’s are pointless. These ultra-lux models are basically a pissing contest. Toys for rich people.

  4. I don’t agree with the Lamborghini SUV because, like Porsche, the focus of the company is sports cars, or in Lambo’s case, exotics. No matter which way you cut it, an SUV on the Touareg platform, or any SUV for that matter, cannot even come near to the performance of a car. Bentley on the other hand, does not build sports car. They built ultraluxury saloons which coddle its occupants, and therefore, I feel a Bentley SUV is very appropriate in that it is consistent with the brands intentions.

  5. no the focus is “exotics” which in that sense, a suv would be fine the original lambo suv, was far from a sports car much more of a hummer competitor, but very exotic, nice interior, and powerful engine

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