Unloved: the AMC Gremlin

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The Gremlin came out in April 1970.
If you look at its famous profile, you can see that quite a few modern cars are now using the weird side window design the small AMC pioneered over 35 years ago…(Murano, 2007 RAV4 to name a few)
The Gremlin was based on the Hornet. A regular 2 and 4 door sedan. And at a starting price of just under $2000, it sold pretty well too.
The name died in 1978, but the car re-appeared as the “Spirit” in 1979. Basically, a redesgined Gremlin.

Engines included a 2.0 Liter from Audi (!) and the old AMC 232 Six.
The car might not have been the best ever, but the design was really ahead of its time…

That last picture is of a Gremlin 5 AMX GT. Quite a mouthfull for a concept…

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  1. Doesnt your friend Phil drive one of these? Are you going to the Gremlin convention, or do you still not want to ever talk about the last one you passed out at Vince?

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