VW Corrado

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I think this illustration is pretty optimistic.

VW hasn’t been showing anything that modern or daring in their production designs.
It might end up actually looking like a hatchback version of the Eos Convertible.

But the point is, many different sources are talking about a return for the Scirocco/Corrado.
That would be a daring move in its own.
The coupe market in Europe being next to dead…

Once in a while you hear rumors of a new Opel Manta, or the return of the Ford Capri.
But nothing actually shows up…

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  1. ok when I first saw this pic, i said what a chop of the hcd-8 concept from hyundai, but closely examining all the hard points and mirrors and windows, i say no ! but ! the angle of the chop is the same angle of the hcd-8 pics so who knows ?>

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