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Finally, one really good idea from VW.
Giving a bit of an aggressive SUV look to the little Polo.

And this would be the perfect entry level VW for the US.
European engines top with a 1.4 Liter with 100hp. But I’m sure they could put something else in there for the US. Whatever it takes, hey, bring back the old 2.0 Liter if you have to!

If VW is really serious about the US market, they need to bring this over,, pronto.

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  1. They could put the new “twincharger” engin in this car. A 1.4 l engine with turbo and a supercharger, 170 ps.

  2. i agree, the new vw’s are nice cars but they have lost their coolness, vws have always been nicer than the cars they compete with, in between luxury cars and average cars, but i think making the new jetta look like a japanese sedan, giving it a lot of chrome was huge mistake, let audi do luxury, vw should just produce upscale reasonably priced fun cars

  3. I like it, but it’s really just Volkswagen’s version of a Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix (which isn’t a bad thing). We can use more affordable, efficient, practical cars.

  4. File that one under EWWW!
    How about just bringing over the regular Polo. They already manufacture it in Mexico and sell it all over latin America. Just bring it over.

  5. hello!? this car is already in production!! my neighbour has one! all thats changed are a few details to make it look like the facelifted polo!

  6. I would give it a diesel. I’m really curious to see how VW’s new Common Rail Diesel turns out, but any torquey micro suv would be popular in the US IMO.

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