White Santa Fe in the wild.

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I think if a car looks good in white, it’s a good looking car. White can’t hide anything, and it usually makes everything boring.
I must say the new Santa fe looks very nice, even in white.

All the expected details are there too. Air conditioned console compartment, adjustable rear seat backs etc…
And the finish of the interior looks to be on par with the best.

All we need to know now is the actual price. Which should be somewhere between the Sonata and the Azera.

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  1. i agree with the white thing, some cars just look plain ugly in white because of their lines, or look boring or unappealing. but the santa fe looks good, excellent fit and finish, hopefully the materials are as good as they look good, and i think this will be a big seller for hyundai

  2. I couldn’t agree more about the looks of this vehicle. To add to that it is rumored that Santa Fe quality is equal to that of Lexus RX330 even though the target benchmark is Highlander.

    If true this would mean that Hyundai has got themselves a homerun, aka ‘break-through’ model. First Tucson, then Sonata, Azera and now….hello? this spells the arrival of Hyundai as a mainstream quality auto manufacturer.

    No wonder Toyota’s chairman was quoted as saying that Hyundai will pose a near and present danger to the leading Japanese brands in the forseeable future.


  3. Yup, it would appear that Hyundai is one of the only automakers that’s been able to bottle that “flavor of Toyota” and give their vehicles that high quality, high textured, “engineered” feel about them… As long as it drives well, it’s indeed a potential breakthrough model. If GM came out with a vehicle that looked like it had this degree of potential, critics would be praising it as the next coming…

  4. You’re right, I should stop posting Santa Fe stuff….

    But I think it looks exactly like what the market demands. And I am pretty amazed that a company that was putting out crap just a few years ago, can get things so right. Even more than Toyota, Althought I might just be posting tons of 2007 Highlander when that comes out…

    P.S; The new Sante fe and I are getting married next summer, and you are all invited.

  5. Toyota SHOULD BE SCARED!! With hyundai coming up this quickly with good stuff, i am impressed.. starting to make Toyota look like an old design..

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