2007 Camry SE

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Not sure what is it, but it sure looks better than the previous pictures.
I don’t like spoilers etc.. But, maybe it’s the larger wheels.

There is still hope that the new Camry might look very nice after all…

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  1. Hi,

    I’d prefer that you post a link to my pictures on my Yahoo photo account, rather than stealing them and posting it on imageshack. Thanks!

  2. is this a bad mazda 6 impression…yes! the other pictures look better this one is trying to hard to be cool and failing horribly. but did anyone know the lexus is, and gs type details. a little to close in interior looks to those cars, look at the way the silver is curver on the door just like the wood on a gs, or the way the dash is rounded with all silver buttons and dash like in the is, way to close to those cars that cost way more, but nice in this segment

  3. Look like the current Solara in a 4 door. Even the interior looks like a Solara. I am not imressed, but if its got the 268hp V6 motor that will be used in the new RAV4, I might be more interested. Overall, fits well for a Camry SE…not too exciting or boring, just sporty.

  4. Looks good for a car named “Camry”.
    It actually looks quite good, seriously, at least it’s not in that really weird green-ish color.

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