2007 Chevrolet Aveo

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The new little Chevy was introduced to the European market a few months ago. But this is the US version.
And it looks much more upmarket than the previous model. Almost good enough to compete with the Cobalt.

The interior of the European version adds wood, which I’m not sure we’ll get over here. That might just be too much for a “cheap” car.
With this car, GM has a great entry to compete with the new Toyota Yaris.
I just wonder if the hatchback is returning. And if so, what does it look like…

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  1. Sat in a deluxe Aveo at the San Francisco Auto Show last month and I though it was more comfortable than the bland, Chevy Cobalt.

    The only thing I can say about the Cobalt is that it’s better than the Cavalier.

    Maybe the Cobalt is a good car to drive, but for something all-new, it’s nothing compared with the Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla, or especially the new Honda Civic that has all of them beat.

  2. These pictures show the US/Canada version.
    I have more pictures of it, showing the iPod plug similar to other US GM cars.

  3. These pictures have been out for a while in one form or another and I ahve yet to see a hatchback version.

  4. is this actually a Daewoo? Subaru? or Suzuki? Does anyone remember why GM is in trouble in the first place? It’s because they think the public isn’t intelligent enough to figure out that people know they are rebadging. Grabbing at straws. Until bankrupcy!

  5. No, but your right, Toyota and GM have been building partners for years. Maybe it’s the new Corolla from Toyota/GM

  6. It’s a rebadged Daewoo, which really isn’t that bad since GM bought out Daeweoo they have been producting excellent models, this new Aveo is much better looking than the Egg-Like Yaris. And to answer your question Vince. The Hatchback is indeed coming back, and this time a 3-Door hatch is coming too.

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