2007 GTO

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This just looks like someone added after market crap on their GTO.
But is is said to be the look of next year’s Holden Monaro. So we might actually get these changes on the GTO.

Not pretty…
You can’t really make a boring design exiting by adding spoilers, side skirts etc…
Wasn’t Pontiac supposed to stop that a couple of years ago???

Any car called GTO should look great. Let’s wait for the next one.

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  1. hi…in case you didnt know, holden isnt making any more monaros.

    and even if they were, those rims would never feature, nor would those lights

  2. Tuners have never been considered worthy aesthetes, and this GTO abomination is just further proof of their ineptitude. They’ve been responsible for some of the worst automotive creations foisted on the public, but it’s to be expected when we let children do a adult’s job. Stick to your video games, kiddies, and shove your punk attitudes up your 6-inch exhausts.

  3. It’s clear no one on here has ever driven one! I’ve never ever had as much fun in ANY car! I was lucky enough to drive a Vauxhall Monaro VXR for a few days a while ago, it might not be state of the art, but its so much fun to drive… find me a car which you can get to slide as much!
    Oh by the way Vince, it’s been discontinued.

  4. the GTO is a crappy ass car, it’s not even purely american. pontiac should have thought ahead and went retro.

  5. “the GTO is a crappy ass car, it’s not even purely american” – No, you’re wrong, its not at all American. That’s because its Australian. (that’s a country in the southern hemisphere.) But that is a big problem isnt it…. because America builds the best cars in the world doesn’t it? I’d have a Taurus over an Accord any day… mmm shut lines measureable in inches…

  6. why do people hate american cars so much? this is a car site get past honda accords enough to discuss the cars were talking about. but anyway the gto is a nice car, the problem is that we had this car in 97 (the catera) its styling is dated, i think they should have went with a modern interpretation of the gto than this car, or even just bringing one of the hsv sedans as a pontiac would have been better. but for the money, the car is excellent more polished than a mustang not as pricey as an m3, and good fit and finish better than the other pontiacs.

  7. from the sound of it you guys must owen vetts. why else would you be so pissed off about a car that with no mods will easly hand all but a very small number of car their ass. o- by the way I paid 30k for mine, what did you spend? 70k, 80k or more. if you would have taken the time to drive one you might appreciate the fact that is a nice car. so what if its not retro looking, it’s 400hp, stickers @ about 32k and gets 17 mpg.

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  9. owning an 05 has been an incredible experience for the money. I bought it just as oil went over $50 per barrel, now at $75 and still don’t regret it. The sound of starting up, rolling thru the gears, snapping a quick 2nd gear now and then, and the confused looks from folks that don’t know what it is….what a great time to own it! Mustangs whimper, Chargers grin nervously. Corvettes? Maybe, maybe not.

  10. Pontiac has no plans for a 2007 Gto even ask the dealerships so get them while they last. But on a high note they may bring back the Firebird.

  11. Everybody hates a sleeper…..Ive had a 93 gt and a 99 cobra and my gto is the most fun to drive of them all. I love the look on ppl faces when you blow them off the line and they cant catch up, and then drive by with their head down shakin in shame………

  12. Hmm an idiot who is clueless on cars writing a car blog.

    As explained in other comments this car is a Holden Monaro HSV Coupe 4. An All Wheel Drive supercar capable of handing Vettes their asses on a platter, even around the twisties.

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