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Just a few more small news I’ve gathered about the next CRV:

-Still a 2.4 Liter engine with now 170hp
-A real hatch, for the 1st time.
-No more spare wheel attached to the rear door.
-Actually just a bit shorter, about 3 inches.
-But lower (quite a bit) and wider.
-Scheduled for August 2006. Not sure if that is an unveiling or sale date.

These are just little bits of info, but the sources are reliable. And I thought if any of you are in the market for a small SUV, any news can help, right?

Stay tuned for upcoming news about the next Scion Xb, Lexus LS and ES and Toyota Corrola for the US.

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  1. this is kinda of ugly.. with vehicles like the Mazda CX-7 coming, with much better styling.. How can Honda present this? Sounds like they think a little too much of themselves..

  2. I drive a 2004 CR-V 5 speed, and it is a great vehicle. The advantage of having the spare mounted outside is that it creates a dual-leveled cargo area. In my CR-V, I never have to keep anything exposed because it stays buried under the floor (the cargo divider doubles as a picnic table). I personally don’t see Honda making the truck 3 inches shorter, especially conisidering the RAV4 now offers a third row. I’m not saying Honda will offer a third row on the CR-V, however, I don’t think they want to eliminate backseat space and cargo capacity either. We’ll see.

  3. He means shorter as in heighth…not length.. at least i think so. Oh well. Why should I beleive this photo is real? JUST look at the headlights??? Those are the current headlights! Why would Honda do something like that??? I’m sure this photo is just to give an idea of the shape but still that’s an ugly idea it gives!

  4. I’ll reserve my judgement on it until I see a better picture, this is just not a very good chop.
    As far as the info goes, I am pretty sure Honda wants to play safe and continue their success with the new CR-V.

  5. Removing that awful appendage in the rear known as the “hanging spare” was a good move by Honda unlike Toyota which elected to keep this gruesome eyesore on their newly re-designed RAV4.

    By-the-way the reason why some auto manufacturers hang the spare on the rear is to (1) save money on design cost of extending undercarriage floor plan(2) increase usable interior space.


  6. It had better not look like that.

    It takes the definition of fugly, that was written by the Ridgeline, and completely redefines it.

    Seriously who the hell is styling these things. Honda has a bomb with the Ridgeline. The Civic ain’t bad, but IMO, it’s not nearly as good looking as the Mazda 3. The Accord is the most abused product in their lineup. If it weren’t for all those loyal Honda owners, no one would buy these things.

  7. This is not the up and coming CR-V.

    This fool can’t even spell Corolla correctly. No surprise..look at him.

  8. did you ever see or drive a nissan x-trail? I live in Canada and own 2. They are miles ahead of Honda and Toyota. My dealer said that in every market worldwide that x-trail competes, it outsells Honda and Toyota. Yes! NISSAN

  9. How many stylists worked on this? Front, side and rear all have a different theme. Anyone agree or disagree?

  10. I don’t know who did this chop, but it’s very wrong and isn’t very professional-looking. It’s an embarrasment.

  11. Vince…
    I don’t know what your source is, but this is clear a photochop!!
    I’ve seen the pre-production model and its not anywhere close to what you present here!
    Honda has led the segment before and they will defenitly come out with something that will set the standards again for everyone else to follow.. believe me.

    For the Nissan X-trail guy…
    Your X-trail is knock-off the current generation CR-V, have you seen your rear tail-lights, does it remind you of anything!! ie. CR-V

    And btw your salesman will tell you any kinda BS to get you to buy the knock off that you drive now.

    And It’s more like Miles closer to catching up not leaping!!

  12. So, the smart guy that is nasty as well. Have you driven an X-trail? I have driven both of them extensively and the X-trail is miles ahead. Oh, a history lesson that may open up an apparantly small mind, the x-trail was produced looking the way it does 2 years previous to the crv. The whole world isn’t the U.S. and just because you just saw the x-trail, doesn’t mesn it didn’t exist before. Don’t be nasty, it’s Christmas. and the X-trail does outsell the CRV, Sorry!

  13. Apparently I’m in the minority, being one who actually likes the design. It looks functional with a hint of sportiness. Maybe it comes in at 3 inches shorter because there’s no wheel hanging off the back. However, I may purchase the new Rav4 because of the V6 and can’t wait much longer for a new ride.

  14. My argument is not how bad your x-trail is… it doesn’t leap in any segment… Honda had the signature tail lights from their first CR-V from back in 1997!!
    btw – i’ve driven the X-trail, CR-V.

    Main point to my post was..
    that Vince needs to backup his news with credibility, can’t give out false news to potentiol customers…
    – Wheel Design
    – Head Lights
    – Front Hood/Grill

    All these point out to a photochop!

    posted by TSX!

  15. I’ve driven both CR-V, and the X-Trail (a lot), and the X-trail is extremely choppy compaired to the CR-V.

  16. Well, now apparantly people who claim to know the X-trail and CRV need a little more info. I would bet that none of you know this fact, because if you did, you wouldn’t support the CRV. Here it is, the CRV awd/4wd system is so primitive that over 50 mph, the vehicles awd system turns into a 2wd. Wow, 1970’s technology. And again, to the simple folk, the X-trail design was out previous to the first Crv. Don’t worry, you can’t know it all.

  17. First, let me say that it wasn’t my intention to pass this illustration as an official photo. I had posted it before and I thought you all knew…

    But I have since seen 3 more illustrations (That I cannot publish) pointing at the exact same design direction. All from Japanese sources.

    I think the overall lengh might be slightly less because of the lack of the outside spare wheel.

    Carola, Corrolla,Coraula,Corolla,Korolla!

  18. Geez, pic on someones CRV and they get all testy and crap. Dang Vince, bet you didn’t realize you had so many haters/fans 😉

  19. Wow there is a real fight in here! You should get a room you too! Hatred is so close to love…

    Anyway I tried the X-Trail and it definitively feels ruggish…

    This chop of a CRV is pretty good looking but ONLY a CHOP in my opinion.

    Happy holidays everybody.

  20. There is no point arguing if CRV or X-Trail started that signature vertical tail lights. Volvo wagon had that design long before these two ever existed.
    The original CRV design was actually stolen from Land Rover Freelander, when Honda had an partnership with Rover in the UK.

  21. Wow now if all the info is true then the RAV4 will beat it and other competitors. Though it looks alot like the Japanese-European Honda Stream. So I think this is just a photoshop.

  22. Because the US isn’t the be all/ end all market. Canada had the foresight to ask Japan for it and got it! Now that the U.S. sees how well it did, they want it too! The next generation will be sold here. Hang on!!!

  23. “Here it is, the CRV awd/4wd system is so primitive that over 50 mph, the vehicles awd system turns into a 2wd.”

    Can anyone validate this info? I find this hard to believe.

  24. I’ll stick with my Suzuki Grand Vitara… the real off road car…
    It’s fine to drive CR-V, RAV4 or X-Trail on the road, but bring them to serious off road & they won’t come out of it.

  25. x-trail sucks, and no Nissan does outsell Honda and Toyota. I live in Asia anyway and i know what im talking about.

  26. X-Trail is a garbage suv. I tested drove both CRV and X-Trail and all I can say is that X-Trail is not even close to being the same league as CRV. X-Trail took forever to build up speed and the engine was so loud that I thought it was going to blow up. X-Trail’s exterior quality was also crapy. I can easily put a dent on the suv just by pushing my hand down on it.

  27. “Here it is, the CRV awd/4wd system is so primitive that over 50 mph, the vehicles awd system turns into a 2wd.”

    As far as I understand, the CRV has the real-time 4×4. It won’t engage the 4×4 system until it detects slip on the wheels. So technically, CRV is on 2wd all the time until wheel slip condition to engage the 4×4 system.

  28. If the rumors posted are true, then it may have similar dimensions to the new 2007 Acura RD-X which is built on the same platform as the 2007 CR-V and new Civic and due out this summer. I am sure the RD-X’s new 240 hp turbo engine, first turbo on a Honda production car, won’t be a CR-V option.

  29. Honda will have the new LZEX electronic power boost system available on the 2007 CRV. Wiper switch is supposed to be redesigned to prevent accidentally turning on the wipers (nothing like dirty rubber streaking across a dry, dirty windshield!) Good move on finally getting the spare tire off the back and into the well on the inside. You can keep the stupid “picnic table”! I don’t know of anyone that uses it. Make the EX available WITHOUT the moon roof, too. We never use it.

  30. This “new” CR-V is very disappointing. The complete design-mixture looks kind of ugly to me and seems to be targeted more towards the road side than the cross country side (lower and wider). I had planned for a new Diesel CR-V in 2007/08 but this car doesn’t even seem to have a chance to see me buying it. Our family bought 4 (four!) CR-Vs in the last 3 years (and one Honda Jazz) and we are all very happy with the current models. Hope the ones we have will last a long time, since the new thing – no way!
    The new CR-V is not a “new CR-V” – it is a complete new car – a complete different concept… some may like it … not me though!

    greetings sven

  31. It is said that the x-trail is not sold in the US cause it does not have good levels of quality and security.

    Here in Mexico the X-Trail oversells the cr-v and the rav4, but if you happen to observe carefully, many xtrails have got the bumper broken, sunken or damaged (beecause of bad quality) besides, it is made of plastic in the outside. when you touch the fender it seems like a bottle of coke; if you push it, it sounds like plastic BUT if you hit it It’ll break. I think is made of plastic because of the renault influence on NIssan (Renault cheap model clio is made as well of plastic).

    Nissan /renault claim it is for better security but the crv and rav have got better security grades both in euroncap and NHTSA without utilizing plastic in the outside.

    One more thing is that the xtrail is cheaper than both rav and crv but it does not have traction control, vehicle stability control or break assist (has long wheel-base and not active security). So is good and nice in the outside but in the core is marginal. It oversells other good SUV´s (not in europe, where the rav is the best selling) because it seems good, but I think is actually not.

    moral: Bad products are taken to the third wold because there is market fore those.

  32. Any thoughs on the dash?
    I still have a small 2001 CRV which I lOVE but wanted to trade it in for the 2006…but I just can’t bring myself to do it becasue ethe dash looks so cheap…Does anyone have thoughts on the design of Dash in the 2007??

  33. What does it mean when they say the 2007 CR-V will “share a platform” with the Acura Rd-X?
    Does that mean it might lok like it or does it refer only to the enine etc?


  35. Id MUCH rather have the spare on the back, like our 99 CRV. More room inside, and a heck of a lot easier to change a flat. Anyone who hates the rear spare calls AAA to change their flats. WUSSY

  36. Just saw a 2007 driving by in East Liberty, Ohio Monday afternoon, 4-24! It’s smaller looking than the 2006 with a lower roof line that looks like a Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe Clone! Vince the lower part of the tailgate is actually part of the rear bumper as you had stated a while ago. The front hood reminded me of the generation of the Honda Civic that had no front grill! The other noticable feature was a much larger windshield like that of a mini van! The rugged sporty characteristics of the 2nd generation seems to have vanished in this new edition! Reminds me more of a tall crossover wagon not an SUV! Time will tell if this will be a hit or a miss.

  37. just saw the 2007 honda crv, i have an 2005 crv myself, i like it alot, i kind of dont like the 07, the back looks kinda like a range rover but other thn tht the car looks like crab, whts up witht the horsepower? 170 the rav4 offers a v6 nd a 4rd row , where is the fog lights?
    nd honda offers spare tire under the trunk space?
    hwere am i supose 2 put my subwoofers now..
    i really wanted 2 trade my car for the 2007 but im rethinkin tht rite now…

  38. Well I’ve been watching the progress on the new CR-V and I have to say it does not look that bad. Just look at the new vehicals that are out now or what they are going to look like. Every auto-maker is wanting to change the stlye so they can keep up with the new generation. When they came out with the chevy avalanch, every one looked at it as a joke for a truck. Now they’re all over the place. We can beleve it or not but we all adapt to the change. The best thing with honda over others is that they start with safety. So expect side curtain air-bags as a standard option. Try to look for safety ratings on other brand of vehicals.

  39. I was waiting for the 2007 to come out, but it looks like a disappointment, less space, less height. I will probably order a 2006 within the next couple of mouths if still available. Bummer.

  40. What’s the big deal about the CRV becoming 2wd over 50mph? What kind of idiot would drive over 50 mph in conditions that warrant 4wd

  41. guys, i’m from the philippines, and we have the crv, rav4 and xtrail here. i personally had a crv, a rav4 and i sol them and now we have 2 xtrails, that ride like a sedan but stands like an SUV. the drive train is good, specially the 4wd auto mode!! your right its got little lag time in acceleration but when it starts to kick, it kicks hard!!! nice fenders, and suspensions!!! aluminum alloy control arms, do they have that in crv’s and rav4’s???? mwaahahahaha

  42. guys, i’m from the philippines, and we have the crv, rav4 and xtrail here. i personally had a crv, a rav4 and i sold them and now we have 2 xtrails, that ride like a sedan but stands like an SUV. the drive train is good, specially the 4wd auto mode!! your right its got little lag time in acceleration but when it starts to kick, it kicks hard!!! nice fenders, and suspensions!!! aluminum alloy control arms, do they have that in crv’s and rav4’s???? mwaahahahaha

  43. All the Honda owners are traitors to the USA. If anyone were a REAL American, they would be behind the wheel of a GM, Ford, or Chrysler product…not some piece of Jap crap rice burner. The US made the auto industry…the Japanese seriously have no capacity for original thinking.

  44. lol….Very thoughtful! however, ALL my Honda’s are made in the good old USA, by good old American workers with more good old american parts than most any “domestic” car!

    Hey, nothing like Fords made in Mexico, GM engines from China….errr…and Chrysler owned by the Germans!

    Very thoughtful indeed!!! 🙂

  45. Right, you have to be careful anymore calling for an American car against other cars not necessarily foreign. The global market has blurred what IS truly American. It is scary when you consider what the post previously mentioned about Fords from Mexico, etc. The American car companies more and more are building where labor is cheaper while Honda and others are building in the US.

    I have a 2005 CRV Special Edition that I am very happy with. I chose it over the Xterra – primarily for gas mileage and lack of need for true 4X4. I liked the looks of it though.

    I expect the new CRV to share much of the overall design of the Civic as it has in the past to some degree. The new civic has a snub nose, large windshield and wedge rear – we have one and like it too. The picture is similar to that appearance.

  46. Does anyone know if any other small suv other than crv will have wheels down towing in the future. We’re motorhomers and need that capability.

  47. I own a 2003 CR-V, and like it a lot *except* for the road noise. I wanted to upgrade to 2007 version, to get side airbags (at head level). But I will doubt I will upgrade if A) it looks like this (ugly); and B) Honda has removed the hidden storage in the back. The CRV is the only car I found that had such a good hiding space — crucial for people who carry laptops, etc. around! Bummer; doesn’t sound promising.


  49. first all you are all dumb… i have worked in the car industry for along time.. and I can tell you that the Honda CRV is an excellent vehicle. The arrival of the new body style and possible additional features will be a success. Watch and see!.. who ever is feeding you the rest of your bull crap needs to be slapped smart.

  50. I can’t say I am overly thrilled with what I have seen with the new CRV, but with all Honda products I am sure that it will perform better than it’s competitors. Especially when compared with the Nissan in any catagory. This coming from someone who went to Nissan to give them a chance, and has moved back to Honda, hands down… no questions, and ENTIRELY satisfied with the vehicles, customer service, AND gas mileage. I’ve even managed to convert my In-Laws, the typical american car buying Southerners.

  51. Atleast in Norway the CR-V outsells the X-Trail and RAV4. Nissan Norway is in Norway, due to the 2l engine that was supposed to have 125bhp, and it diden’t have even 100bhp at the wheels. They have lost, and have to pay back many million US Dollars due to this, the quality as bad, plastic all over, ugly plastic. Atleast Honda tries to do so it dosen’t look like pure plastic. The CR-V got good quality, it’s solid. It was an accident with an CR-V here for a few years ago, it came outside the road, rolled 300m down a scree. The four persons came out unhurted, the dog in the bagage room came out unhurt. The car was even drivable after that. Only needed to change a tire.

  52. yeh buy american, dont buy honda, it will be pearl harbor all over again. WTF. People buy japanse cars because they are generaly much more efficent and better designed than american cars. Even koren cars are geting better than american. GM sucks. America only builds good trucks. Ok i admit american cars could probally beat french cars but thats about all.

  53. I just saw the pictures and I don’t like the fact that the 2007 CRV is smaller. I own a 2005 5-speed CRV, which I love. I was hoping to trade it in on a 2007, but now tht I have seen the pictures I may start looking at something other than Hondas. Does anyone know of another small SUV that still offers a 5-speed?

  54. Anonymous said…


    What the Heck?????? The CRV is a SUV. Gimme a break – Don’t make me laugh. That is an insult to us real SUV owners. CRV is nothing more than a civic with what it wishes was all wheel drive.

  55. Anonymous said…


    What the Heck?????? The CRV is a SUV. Gimme a break – Don’t make me laugh. That is an insult to us real SUV owners. CRV is nothing more than a civic with what it wishes was all wheel drive.

  56. Sometimes people open their mouth and insert foot!
    Saying that the Nissan outsells Honda and Toyota is like saying the moon is larger than the sun!!
    As for the Mazda CX-7 styling,you had better go to an eye doctor! And believe it or not I have never had a Honda.
    There is a dealer in my area that sells Toyota,Nissan,Honda. They have a hard time keeping the Toyota and Honda’s in stock and cannot get the Nissans off the lot!

  57. You all probably know by now that the Picnic Table in the 2007 CR-V is History! What you don’t know is that Honda has a new innovation for the cargo area! A Hard Cargo Lid provides privacy for items in the cargo area by completely covering the entire space when it is on the top tier! When it is not needed, it can be conveniently stored on the cargo floor! The Lid may also be reversed to carry dirty objects on its’ wipeable, easy-to-clean, surface!





  59. hi. i’m in a 3rd world country and even here honda CRV outsells any other. I have owned both generations of CRV and i like it. When the X-trail fist came here it was selling like hot cakes because of the price but after a while the sales dropped. I guess ppl have caught on that it is not a very good car.

    As for the new CRV. I dont really like the looks but then i dont really care. I can change the look a little if i want. What i like is whats under the hood. A CRV is the best car you can have on roads like fiji. I can drive fast and not worry whats coming up because i know it wont let me down. I’ve pushed my CRV so much over the past 4 years but it still in one piece. Other cars would have given away.

    And personally i feel all SUVs should have the spare wheel at the back. Only then does it look like a SUV.

  60. I just got back from my Honda Dealer where I signed a deal to replace my 2003 CRV with the new 2007 EX-L 4WD. This will be the 8th Honda I have purchased since my 1st – a brand new Civic in 1974! I am a Honda fan to be sure, but I don’t do this blindly. I’m a big fan of Consumer Reports and Hondas are most often very highly rated by them. (I did not buy the pre 2002 CRV because of their warning about it’s side crash rollover tendencies and I’ve taken a bit of a chance with this new one since CR has not published their 2007 report yet.)

    Anyway, I agree with most who aren’t crazy about the new looks of the car – I don’t like it as much as my 2003. BUT it is quieter (the main reason I am switching), has XM (2nd reason), and is a hatchback (3rd because a hatchback functions like an umbrella in the rain). It also has more safety features (air bags, stability control), is more fuel efficient, and the interior finishes are improved (non-glare dash top material like VW for example).

    The looks of the car seem to emulate the latest BMW and Mercedes models, I dislike those even more. The new CRV is the Poor or maybe Smart Man’s Luxury SUV if you will . . . If the car lives up to my expectations engineering and quality wise, I will learn to love it’s looks, looks are the least important thing to me.

    Some negatives about the 2007. There aren’t as many or as good cup holders up front. You have to go with EX-L (Leather) to get XM. The L level does not have the flip down center tray – I will miss it greatly! The top of the line NAVI (navigation) level puts a CD Cartridge in the console – I didn’t go for NAVI because of that, I have to be able to single feed my CDs as I drive. I agree with the person who could do without the moon roof. If I could have, I would have ordered mine with cloth upholstery, without moon roof, with flip down tray, with XM but with all the other EX features.

    BTW, the new CRVs only have automatic transmissions. I wouldn’t reccommend off road use, these things are not jeeps. The Real Time 4WD is really just for slippery conditions like mud and snow. You can get 2WD drive in all trim levels. The Toyota RAV is a great small SUV but I’m just a Honda guy.

  61. A Honda is a honda in terms of quality , reliability , technology etc.

    CR-V is much better than toyota rav 4 , hyundai santa fe , mazda cx-7 , nissan x trail .

    Only a honda or a toyota , people believe good quality service.

    Hyundai is only for poor people…its a junk , after all. They make products of cheap quality , unreliable , service is worse than the products.

    CR-V is a honda and so , it is silky smooth , refined , reliable , fun to drive etc…

    It handles like a car , has power like sedan , is versatile like a suv .

    Toyota on the other hand is good , but not as a Honda.

    Honda’s are known mainly for engines …engines which are highly reliable , fuel – efficient , durable etc.

  62. To the above anonymous who commented on the picnic table – you must never go to concerts or ball games – we use ours all the time. I’m also disappointed that the 2007 does not come in manual. We just bought ours, but opted for a used ’04 instead of the new one so that we could get the manual transmission.

  63. finally, the CR-V has evolved to a mini-van. maybe in the next 2 generations, it will complete it’s transformation to the queen of minivans. we all know the Odyssey is the king!

  64. The X-trail does dominate in Asia, Australia and Europe. The X-trail comes with three different engine configurations and would be interested to know which one you have test driven as the QR25 (2.5 Liter, 4 cylinder Gasoline engine) is a blast to own. I sell and own Nissan brands and would like to clear up some information on the X-trail. 1) X-trail first introduced in late 2001 in Japan. Sold in almost all countries and built only in Japan, Philippines, and Malaysia2) X-trail has been sold in many countries other than the US due to similar size with the Nissan Xterra. The X-trail is sold in Middle East instead of Xterra while the USA has Xterra instead of X-trail (introduced in the USA in 2000). 3) New X-trail to come out in 2007 and may be introduced in the USA as the new Xterra is now larger and more powerful than the X-trail.X-trail 180hp 2.5L L4 engine 177lb-ft torque @ 4000rpm 175.5″ length 69.5″ width 66.0″ height 7.9″ ground clearanceXterra 265hp 4.0L V6 engine 284lb-ft of torque @ 4000rpm 178.7″ length 72.8″ width 74.9″ height w/roof rack 8.3″ – 9.5″ ground clearanceCR-V 156hp 2.4L L4 engine 160lb-ft of torque 181.0″ Length 70.2″ Width 66.2″ Height 8.1″ ground clearance4) The X-trail uses flexible material on some parts of the vehile to prevent dents from occuring in these areas. 5) X-trail was designed more for mild off-road use than both the CR-V and RAV4.Nissan X-trail LEType: T30Engine: QR25(DE) 2488ccYear: 10/2002

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