2007 Infiniti G37

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This is a Japanese illustration of what the next Nissan Skyline, our Infiniti G35, could look like.

It seems pretty realistic, but very close to the current one. Nissan usually is more original when they redesign their cars.
And they also mention a larger 3.7 Liter V6 for the car.

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  1. i guess the G35 looks have aged well, i think an evolutionary redesign rather than a revolutionary one might be best in this case, besides, if it aint broke, dont fix it philosphy, at least, not too much

  2. exactly, the current g35 has been around since what 02-03?? And it still looks great. I dont mind this at all.

  3. Looks like the current G35 sedan with G35 Coupe’s rear. maybe a chop? The wheelbase looks awefully long.

  4. What a sad-looking redesign. The IS looks far more sleek than this.

    And 3.7 V6? Must they raise engine displacement to keep up with Toyota’s standards?

    G37 doesn’t even roll off the tongue like the 35 did. Yuck, Nissan is goin’ downhill again.

  5. It looks more like our current Altima with different doorhandles, an Infiniti-zed front fascia and poor applications of chrome.

    Not revolutionary, nor evolutionary.

  6. why bother? The current one still looks good, but isn’t very agressive. This is such a boring looking car, there has to be a better looking one somewhere, hidden away at Nissan’s crazy corporate headquarters or something.

    I don’t like the big-bore V6. The VQ engine is so great, you could just have it soldier on for a couple more years atleast in all the cars without any changes. At that point you can re-design it / add Direct Injection and have something ridiculous like 300-350hp


  7. Toyota doesn’t have performance standards! They have been behind in horsepower and performance for years now. That is a fact. Don’t hang yourself out to dry, that’s an easy target comment.The Nissan Murano has more horsepower than the Lexus RX. That’s one of many many examples.Camry vs Altima, Titan vs Tundra…….etc…etc… Ditto goes for styling!!!

  8. Has Toyota dealt with their issues of engine sludge. Can anyone help with this? Nissan hasn’t such issues.

  9. I do not think this is the new G35. It looks to just be a current G35 coupe that is stretched to four doors. I think the new car will be more of an evolutionary design. But the 3.7 is a possibility. Nissan is not going to lose in the horsepower wars.

  10. The JDM (Japan Domestic Market) illustration shows the next generation Nissan Skyline. That’s why the Nissan badge appears on the front grill.

  11. i really like the front… anyways there may be chances to have a 2500cc to be introduced to NA Market…

  12. wow, i was going to get a new z but instead i think i will wait for the g37, so in a couple of months, picture me rollin

  13. OK this is SOOOOOOOOO not legit. Now as far as the G37 is concerned. I don’t know why they wouldn’t just put the new revised HQ in there that would probably pump out around 325HP in the coupe but my theory is that the new Coupe will receive a naturally aspirated version of the engine going in the GT-R cuz unless I got wrong information on the GT-R, it will have a 3.7L 6Cyl. Twin Turbo engine of about 450HP. Unless this engine turns out to cause problems, which I doubt it will, this is great news concidering that G37 owners will be able to slam turbos in their cars and have near GT-R performance.

  14. Think I’ll keep my ’04 G 35. It’s a sweet car and is the envy of many of my friends. A friend of mine bought the coupe after driving my sedan.

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