2007 Kia Optima

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Just found new pictures of the next Optima ( Lotze in Korea ), and it does look better to me. A bit less like the Q45…

Another alternative to the new Camry. With a better interior than the Sonata.
I’m not sure if Kia is supposed to be cheaper or more expensive than Hyundai.
This is even more good news for people looking for good, roomy and well made sedans at a normal price.

But can they really overcome bad image and resale value???

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  1. i think the image is fine they are selling but resale value will be an issue to some, if not this pretty nice

  2. The resale value of this beauty should be better than a Chevy Cobalt or a Ford Taurus. GM and Ford will be put 6ft under by the Koreans.

  3. Resale value is an issue for some car shoppers. Especially those weaned on Japanese brands like Toyota and Honda. However, I can see the new re-desgined Optima gaining market share from the domestics.


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