2007 Lexus LS

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Nothing we didn’t know. It is pretty much the same car as the concept they showed just a little while ago.
The grille is more like the current model, and the wheels actually look nicer than the concept.

There are talks of a 4.6Liter V8 and a larger 5Liter V8. And a hybrid.
We might not get everything in the US.
It seems weird that the ES offers the new glass roof and not the LS. At least from what we can see so far.

No matter what, this will be one of the top choices for anyone looking for a luxury sedan next year. And it finally looks good…
It should come out at next month’s Detroit show.

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  1. From this picture, it looks good, not great, too much like the current one, with all this camo.

    I always liked the Lexus LS. Its pretty boxy and tank-like (like old school mercedes of the 300/Magnum). I’m glad to not see this go all over styled like the new S-class.


  2. To me it looks very nice. Still keeps the same overall presence, with a big, wide, and powerful exterior.

    This new model looks aggressive, stylish, sleek, yet still stately and elegant. A very nice evolution over the Benz-derived styling of the current gen LS. The rims look agressive and elegant at the same time.

    Nothing strange on this car, like tacky oversized fenders (S-Class).

    I just can’t wait until Detroit for the specs, features, and interior. The interior could really knock people’s socks off.

  3. This will be THE class act among luxury cars.

    Just 20 years ago the U.S. Government established “voluntary” (yeah, right!) quotas on inexpensive Japanese imports to give GM and Ford a chance to catch-up to competitors.

    The Japanese couldn’t import as many cars, so they entered the luxury class of cars that sell lower volume at higher prices. Smart, wasn’t it?

    The dumb government in a move to save the domestic car industry helped the foreign companies to eventually take over more profitable luxury vehicles. Unintended consequences? You bet!

    GM and Ford (and the old Chrysler) raised prices to follow the higher prices forced on imports by demand for the better imported cars. GM and Ford didn’t improve their cars as much as they should have and most of them, while better than they were 20 years ago, still suck by comparison to Toyotas and Hondas, etc.

    Now look. Lincoln, Buick, Oldsmobile and other once classy U.S. brands are weak or dead. Cadillac seems to be the only brand that’s improved enough to matter.

    Lexus, Acura, and Infiniti are strong and none of those brands existed before Acura was started in 1986.

    And Toyota now makes the best volume luxury car in the world. Even Mercedes can’t beat it in overall quality.

  4. it looks again like a big toyota, at least this time it maybe looks like a big is, i just cant get excited about lexus, they have boring styling, boring driving dynamics, way to quiet, no matter what size luxury i would want i want it to have some sport, and certainly not look like a big version of a cheap car

  5. Agree, big ugly toyota is what lexus is, but, they are reliable, comfortable and quiet. That is why the average age of buyers is 71 years old.

  6. Interesting protruberance on the left rear fender…?

    Overall just an evolutionary design which I’m sure pleases the current owners. Nothing says “old model” as with the transition from the previous Chrysler 300 to the Current 300. If I were a Lexus-owner I’m sure my priorities would be the the fine leather, quality sound system, comfort and safety over some trendy styling statement.

    Those open spoke wheels are a nice athletic touch indicating unsprung weight savings as well as a sporting nature.

  7. Hurry up! as is proving a trend now, you are way behind and quite rude. We’ll let it go mate. Merry Christmas. Facts are Facts.

  8. It looks awesome…

    I wish I could tell more though…

    where do you get these shots? are they in Japan or US?…how come you don’t sell them they could be worth a lot since they are rare?

  9. How would an innocent truthful, proven fact be responded to like that ! you should look in the mirror and say that sentence to yourself. By the way do you sell Toyota’s for a living?

  10. This is supposed to be respectful, if someone lists facts, don’t get mad. This car is fine looking, but simple.

  11. Toyotas UZ V8 engines do not suffer from engine sludge. It only seems to affect V6 MZ engines, and even then only a small number of them. From the cases I’ve seen, the sludge appears when oil changes are not done regularly.

  12. That’s what Toyota wants you to believe. Just look it up on a Google search and come back and tell us you were wrong. Many, Many are affected! It is a design flaw, not the fault of the owner.

  13. What Toyota wants me to believe? Funny, I researched everything myself, and I learned things first hand, Toyota didn’t make me believe anything.

    Why don’t you try and prove it. Simply saying “Google it” is not proof. If I Google unicorns, does that mean they exist? Stop preaching your Toyota hate here, nobody wants to hear it, unless you can prove it.

    I’ve had lots of first hand experience with Toyota engines, and the sludge only appears in MZ V6 engines that did not have proper oil changes. A lot of people don’t change their oil when they’re supposed to, which does lead to sludge sometimes, but even then only a small number are affected.

  14. Author of last post: well said.
    Now about the cars…
    The upcoming LS will be nice, but will have a few design flaws. Have you ever notice how when Lexus refreshens the LS (in particular) it looks just good enough than the existing model? The ’95 thru ’00 LS are essentially trhe same car, but form ’98 to ’00 they got it just right. Same with the ’01 to current body…the ’04 and up look a lot better. So in essence, I will wait a few years for them to work out the kins…or is Lexus doing this on purpose to maintain a high resale value?
    I have done a lot of research on car design at it seems to be an effective tactic. The Infiniti QX4 is another example…the ’01 to ’03 look really nice, but it is the same as the previous body. Maybe that is what Honda is doing with the current Accord. Have you seen the ’06?

  15. Andrew, always nice to hear from another intelligent writer. About the previuos post ,wow is that guy testy. Unicorns probably do exist in his sludge free Toyota fantasy world.

  16. Prove it! it’s alredy fact, I like Toyota’s very much. As a matter of fact I have owned several (5). I currently drive a sienna ful-load ’04. It has 34,552 miles on it. It has been parked for 2 months trying to resolve my personal sludge issues. I have all records of all sevice at a Toyota store. Please don’t assume people don’t have proof!

  17. Trolls?? Grow up, I’m just having a ball with people that have no life and alot of time to post. Everything I post is fact. Did you make the rules o what people post. The truth does hurt my name calling friend!

  18. it’s “fact” just because you personally experienced it, and you feel it’s fair to generalize to ALL toyotas? Give me a break. So no, it’s NOT “fact” simply because you had personal experience, or you know a few people who had problems.

    You are hardly in a position to speak, as I work with Toyotas, and I see MANY Toyota V6 engines, most of which NEVER experience sludge.

    you’re “having a ball” with people who post a lot? So you mean to tell me you post useless information just to piss off others? Yet at the same time you seem to “like Toyota very much” even though you feel determined to prove to the 3 people who visit this site that all Toyotas suffer from sludge. Sounds an awful lot like a troll to me.

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