2007 Mercedes C Class

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Just a new illustration from Germany.
Nothing great, or really new. Engines will include a 2.5 Liter V6 with 210hp and the 3.5 Liter with 270hp.

I don’t think these cars are that great to begin with. The Japanese competition is just too good for less.
I’m not even talking of the luxury brands like Lexus or Infiniti. But even cars like the Accord, which are getting so good for much less money….
Facture in the lack of reliability, and the Mercedes isn’t something I would dream of…

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  1. See, I disagree. The Mercedes brand has huge chachet with people, me aswell. People dream of owning / lust after BMW and Benz cars, but usually drive Japanese cars due to reliability / value.

    With that said, this thing looks sorta like a smaller R-Class: fat. I don’t like the headlights that look like the old S-Class’, I much prefer the double round lights. Also, that weird Seat-like body line near the rear wheel…. whats that all about?

  2. I disagree as well. Though Honda and Toyota make incredibly well engineered cars-I just don’t want one. Call me crazy! I’m willing to give up a bit of that ‘perfection’ for a greater sense of personality, heritage and style. Though I realize I’m not driving a CLS55, taking my C-Class to work every morning somehow helps justify my workaholic lifestyle…In a way that a Honda or even Acura could never do.

  3. Shoedog, that has to be the most ridiculous prerogative I’ve ever read. Talk about bias.

    People these days just don’t think anymore.

  4. People buy these type of cars for the way the handle, not for their reliability!!!

    Japanese car don’t handle the road at all, and they have a sloppy ride to go with it.

  5. Are you serious that “Japanese car don’t handle the road at all, and they have a sloppy ride to go with it” ?!

    When last did you drive an Accord V6 with 244hp and 215 tires?

  6. I just drove an Accord with 244HP and 215 tires. I handled like a elderly woman in a nursing home, which means “not very well.”

  7. I would much rather have a respectable Acura than a grandiose Mercedes C class. I’ll take quality and reliability over that poseur Benz anyday. The only Benz’s worth buying are the S, SL, and the E. The reason being that those cars are usually cutting edge of the luxury segment.

    Also Honda makes some of the best engines in the world. If you doubt that then you’re just being pretentious.

  8. from seeing the new one and reading this rediculous blog comments, i would have to say first, the new c class looks bloated but alot like the s class which i expected from mercedes.The c class has always been far from the best car in its segment but to downgrade it to competing with the likes of an accord is laughable, why do people believe japanese cars are all mighty…, is the accord and camry the best handling cars in the world…joke. i would have to agree with the first person despite they are good cars i would never want one, they are just that good cars, they arent nike looking, not interesting, boring drivers with however much horsepower, and yes sloppy handling from my test drive, with tons of understeer.the accord can try its best,as can the camry but the fact still remains they are big bloated japanese buicks that other than the normal boring, “typical,” overly conversative person, just isnt good enough, and no matter how “nice” its interior there are still cheap hard platics, and by no means can its interior compete with the likes of a car that starts in the 30’s and especially not a mercedes,bmw, jaguar, etc. and on this best luxury thing referring to acura and infiniti, if i wanted a cheap car with extra “wood grain,” a couple more horsepower squeezed out of a downmarket engine i think i would buy some cheap family car and stick would grain in it…..germany by far makes the best luxury cars. and dont believe so strongly in honda, their just boring cars….

  9. Sorry I’d much rather have an Aston Martin than a boring Mercedes Benz. Most Mercedes Benz’s do not even have manual transmissions while several Japanese manufacturers offer a manual, and you dare call them boring? HA.

    Both Lexus and Acura have reliable electronic components unlike their German counterparts.

    Sorry Benz’s are the rich man’s Buick, with the exception of the SLR which was mostly developed by McLaren but Benz had to stick their silly Automatic transmission into a supercar which is a joke, I’d much rather have a Carrera GT anyway, or even a Lotus Exige. Also BMW is way ahead of Mercedes Benz in driving excitement.

    And yes there are many Japanese cars that are better than the C class, hell I’d rather have a RX-8. Geez some people sure are stuck up about the Mercedes Benz brand.

    IMO BMW is better engine builder than Benz (That V10 in the new M5 is amazing). Until Mercedes Benz can develop engines that as efficient and as well designed as the Honda S2000 F20C1 engine then I will give them proper respect.

  10. Maybe it’s just that there are too many over here.
    They are not even a status anymore. Every contractor, real estate agent, etc.. Has one.
    And to describe the Accord interior has cheap hard plastic is laughable.
    The C class feels a lot cheaper to me inside.

    Onec you hit the “$299 lease special”, you’re not a dream car anymore…..

  11. leases are based off residual values, resale values, so a low lease is a good thing actually, and if you dont believe me get in an accord, and check there would be no purpose for a tl, or tsx if the accord was so nice…., acura isnt by far a prestigious nameplate, so theres my proof, the car starts in the low teens and has plastics to match, come off the honda cult just their cars, boring, ugly, “wrongly” perceived ones, and the fact you see so many people with mercedes, despite the fact they sell how much less than accords, wow u never see those things, that saids alot for a brand. especially ones whos cars cost more than all of their competition, its true you get what you pay for, accords, hondas, acuras are just perfect for some, but mercedes and bmws is what the rest of us were meant to drive….

  12. I love how people go GAGA when you compare a Mercedes to an accord. But the C class and E class for that matter are just souped up versions of german Taxis. We don’t get the C180 with plastic hub caps, wind up windows, no AC and fabric interior in the US. But that really all the car is. Would you pay $40K for a crown vic with leather?
    The accord is a superior car to the C class in both 4 cyl and 6 cyl version. And don’t even talk about handling. You realize the handling of the accord is set up to please to lowest common denominator. Besides the suspension is the easiest thing to modify on a on a double wish bone honda with coil overs.

  13. “accords, hondas, acuras are just perfect for some, but mercedes and bmws is what the rest of us were meant to drive….”

    Do you realize how obnoxious that sounds????

  14. the accord isnt superior to anything not even the cars in its own segment certainly not ones that make them look like the cheap cars that they are, the tl/rl isnt superior to either c or e how in the world is the accord, you people are foolish, people swear on these japanese nameplates for no reason at all, and actually the difference between the lower end german cars is their engines, they arent cheap cars with wood grain and leather…..wake up to the light honda is a car not a cult, lol an accord superior to any mercedes, some salesmen really has you gassed up on such a “down market brand.” thats cute…lol

  15. While everyone else argues German vs. Japanese (I think they’re both great cars, but I still believe the Euro makes have more “soul” to them then the hyper-researched and engineered Japanese models), just a comment on this C-class photoshop…

    First, its proportions look nothing like the spy photos we’ve been seeing, and the CLS like side profile and rear kink in the spy photos is absent here. Also missing are many recent MB styling cues, so I doubt this (very bland and bloating appearing) sketch is accurate to what the real thing will look like

  16. I have to agree that this is one of the worst photoshops I have seen here yet… Phil had better get a new lens on his “camera”! This looks like a horrible meeting of the R-class front end pasted on the current Jetta… arrgh! I guarantee that the upcoming C-class will look NOTHING like this.

  17. If you want to see bland and bloated take a look at an R class. 5000lb curb weight, 15mpg, minivan! This is the future of Mercedes. I thought car companies gave up on the RWD minivan with the death of the Chevy Astro.

  18. this blog clearly shows everyone’s bias toward what they know and for whatever reason relate to. there’s no comparing a MB with a honda, period. I’ve owned both and they are engineered quite differently. You get what you pay for, bottom line. To think differently is naive.

  19. I’m from the UK and have been interested to hear comments from a US perspective. In the UK, people buy german luxury cars for the quality of the interior and engineering, like the US, but that is not the main reason. Because of the high fuel prices in the UK (£1/litre), deisel engines are very popular. The deisel engines of German cars are well ahead of those in most Japanese cars. For example, the BMW 5 series in the UK is available with a 3.0 deisel engine, which produces 230hp and will manage an average of 43.5mpg. The Audi A8 is available with a 322bhp deisel engine that manages an average of 30mpg. Japanese deisel engines have good economy but rarely muster over 140bhp. Despite their decent interiors and reliability, this is why they are not regarded so highly. Also, most german cars are RWD which provides greater enjoyment and handling than the Japanese alternatives (expt Lexus)

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