2007 Toyota Camry

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I must say, this is not as nice as other pictures let me hope it would be.
On these pictures, the wheels look too small and the whole car looks kind of lumpy, and heavy. (might be an LE)
The current one almost looks simpler, and more modern.

And the front does look like a bloated Mazda3. I think the new Sonata looks much better.

But hey.. Toyota knows what they’re doing. And they sell as many as they can build….

The next surprise in the mid- size segment will be the new Altima.

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  1. It is actually a full redesign. The frame has slighty different dimentions, I think the wheelbase is a bit longer.
    The doors and roof look very similar to the current one, but it is all new…

  2. It looks pretty much like my 04. I love the tail-lights, and the car overall, but it doesn’t seem like that much of a change. I agree, the Sonata is nicer than this. Oh well.


  3. Ya know I was kinda hoping that this was only a ‘disguised’ Camry. Gotta agree it looks very bloated. The front end reminds me of a baby hump back whale.

    The rear end is nice but overall it this design seems regressive. I know Toyota fans won’t care to hear this but the Sonata looks much more refined and better proportioned.

    But like most have said here, it will sell nonetheless.


  4. Camrys might be quiet and refined, but they are also boring, too sterile. I would rather go for a 300C or Impala SS.

  5. Maybe it would look better in other colors. That has got to be the worst shade of green I have ever seen.

  6. I don’t think the new Camry is horrible by any means, but it is more bloated looking than earlier pictures suggested. Perhaps it will look better in a darker color. Many cars do since it makes seams appear less prominent. One thing I dislike about the Mazda 6 and now this Camry is the gap between the hood and grille. Designers have overlooked the fact that making bumpers extend further into the body creates a visual line that often distracts from an otherwise smooth transition from panel to panel. It’s all to common to see some bizarre diangonal line from taillight to wheel well where the bumper and real quarter panel meet.

  7. I see an opportunity for Detriot. But the question remains, do they have the ability to capitalize on it?

    The G6 was a nice improvement but has nowhere near the interior quality needed to complete. The Impala has that interior but is just as boring a design and the SS is, in reality, a niche vehicle.

    The Fusion, IMO, will be the only car in a position to really take the Camry on, but that isn’t until the new 3.5 liter and 6 speed auto go into service next year. Only time, and sales reports, will tell if the Fusion has enough to fully take the Camry on.

    As for the imports, I don’t expect anything exciting from Honda but Nissan, well you never know with those guys. Their cars are getting better all the time and the Altima is the only sedan in this class that really has some excitement to it IMO.

  8. The ’07 Camry is ideal–much better looking than the current Camry and not too weird to be a top–seller.

    Camry is a car for the masses of people who want a good car for the money–same crowd who buys the Accord.

    If nothing else, the all-new Camry will compete strongly with the Accord, so deals on the Accord should be especially favorable after the Camry is introduced.

    With respect to GM and Ford, their cars are OK, but both the Camry and Accord remain superior IMO.

    The new Ford Fusion looks OK, but probably better to buy the Mazda 6 on which it’s based rather than trust Ford.

  9. This Camry is an unfortunate mix of shapes…The graceful taillamps from the Sonata are chopped into a wierd proportion here…The front end is a low-buck Mazda on steroids, and the shape couldn’t be more like a puffy cloud. If you ask me, the 2003 Accord, the butt of “fugly” jokes for a while, should get a reprieve as the new camry takes it’s bow and gets booed off of the styling stage. I have no doubt that it will be a good car, but the Accord is still the reigning champ based on these pics!

  10. Goodbye Camry. Hello Saturn Aura.
    It looks like the best upcoming midsize sedan coming from the automakers and it won’t have a crap interior! Is hell freezing over? An attractive Saturn?

  11. For the anonymous people. At first, looking at the pictures I thought the same thing “It looks like the mazda 3”. But I was fortunate to see being test drive in Ojai California, along with the new FJ cruiser. Both cars look nice!!!!. Specially the camry. I saw both gas and hybrid versions. So don’t think that pictures lie. It is more sporty and much bigger.
    Trust me you won’t be dissapointed when it actually comes out for sale..

  12. NOt as excited about this picture…but you know what will happen…Toyota will sell as many as they can produce. A boring car for boring people. I am still curious about an SE with some sporty cladding though…it might actually look nice.

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