2007 Toyota Corolla.

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Two new illustrations of the Euro Corolla this week. Althought the top one almost looks like an official shot…

It matches all the spy shots of prototypes I’ve been posting in the past few weeks, so I believe it is really close to what we’ll see.. In Europe.

Here, well… Add a trunk for one thing. And srinkle a bit of chrome on the grille to make it look more like the new Camry.
(although the S model might keep the Euro grille).

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  1. Oh.

    The bottom pic reminds me too much of the Mazda3 hatchback. Overall I’m disappointed, but maybe the US version will look better.

  2. the top shot doesn’t look right … it doesn’t have toyota styling cues, and reminds me of the nissan versa.

    The bottom one is interesting, because it’s almost a perfect match to a rendering shown months ago in Japanese auto mag. It also has some Toyota styling cues to it.

  3. That looks like a chop, those are RX8 fenders……..Anyway, that’s what I think. The next Corolla will look nothing like that.

  4. the top one is simply a chop of the current yaris, notice the grille and the sides. the bottom one is inspired by the mazda 3, and it doesnt look too good

  5. I think the styling is similar to the Yaris. The shape looks too round. I hope it has some more powerful engines and not the centre dashboard like thee Yaris.

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