2007 Volvo C30

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This looks pretty real to me, but who the hell am I ???

It does match the previous spy shots we’ve seen of the car, and the teaser shot of the rear light I posted just a couple of days ago.
And Volvo has said they would present a concept version of the car, not the full production model, in Detroit.
If you take out the rear wing, oversized wheels and horrible gold lower body painting, I guess you would have the production car…

In any case, it looks pretty nice. Both 5 cylinder engines are planed. Regular and Turbo.
It could turn out to be a great car.

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  1. Sweet. I think I might like this almost as much as the Audi A3. The T5 is going to rock.

    Just came to mind, Volvos are still built in Sweden, and subject to Euro-Dollar exchange rates, so, how come Volvo can bring over a S40 and price it so low, while the A3 is pushing big bucks?

  2. Yes, the gold is pretty obnoxious. The wheels arn’t all that big, its got a good stance for a hatch. I’m hoping the front is close to what the S40 looks like… sharp.


  3. it will sell if priced right, but us americans aint gonna pay big bucks for a little hatchback ! period……….. dont care how premium they want us to think it is ! and VW has a thing to learn when they bring over the golf (some day yawn ) cause starting at 17,900 dont cut it for a flipping hatchback !

  4. I must say this looks good sans the stuff vince mentioned. It will make a strong competition for the A3. To the first comment, concerning Volvo bringing the S40 here for cheap…S40 is just a redone Mazda3, that is why it is no real competition for the C class and 3 series. Does well against the TSX though. The A3 cost a lot because AUDI wants to turn a profit. And oh yeah, anything with huge desirability and sex appeal will sell. And as far as hatches, the resale will be huge! Many youngns will love the ‘just for me styling’ of hatches. Remember the BMW Z3? it cost a ton at intro yet the Miata was better than the 1.8 version! The Z3 also had the second worst depriciation for BMWs.

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