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For years now, Aston Martin has claimed they are working on a 4 door sedan.
They’ve done it before. The last one was the crazy futuristic looking Laghonda from the 70’s.

But this time it looks like they just added 2 more doors to the DB9.
The DB9 is one of the best looking cars around, so even with 4 doors it looks great. But I was hoping for something a bit more original.
If you have $200 000 to spend on a sedan, you couldn’t buy a much better looking car anyway.

This “concept” is supposed to be shown at the Detroit show. It looks production ready to me…

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  1. Why build a 4 door Aston? If you can buy an aston you probably have a couple of BMW or Benz sedan around the house. You buy an aston because its always been a 2 door coupe. It doesn’t look like a derivative of some cheaper sedan. There is no point to this car. It will ruin Aston Martin… again.

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