BMW 1 Series, Sedan and Coupe

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More illustrations.
And from what the hatchback looks like, they seem pretty accurate to me. There won’t be much surprises when they come out.
And these are the ones we’ll get in the US, not the hatchback.

Being “cheaper” than a 3 series, I would guess they could start at around $26000, before options.

And I don’t really see the point. Unless you “must” have a BMW and nothing else. (and that’s OK too).
But there are now so many very good cars under $30 000, that I don’t see that many people spending so much money in a cramped, clumbsy looking, expensive compact car from an expensive brand.

For that price, it should be looking great. Something you must have. It’s not…
I actually couldn’t think of another car looking much worse than this one for the price.
A good match for the cheap looking X3…

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  1. Well I would agree on this one Vince, with you why BMW should make a kind of vehicle that is so small but i guess its competition for the Audi A3, Canadian Acura CSX and maybe the Volkswagen Jetta.

  2. It looks like it was rammed from the side!! Perhaps by the Volvo S60, which also has that weird dent on the side. I bet we are seeing a new styling trend- cars that look like they were already in an accident. After all, BMW needs a new styling direction to take us beyond Bangle!!

  3. hmmmm, for a BMW, the hood is not quite long enough. Also, it looks like a Chevy Cobalt to me. Not a positive.

    And you’re right, it should look crazy awsome, like a Z4 or 6-Series is if it going to coax people out of equally priced cars with more features. Pssh, for $26K you can almost get A4, and that thing looks pretty mean.


  4. I can’t think of any cars that look uglier than this at ANY price point. These two are the ugliest cars I have seen since the early 90’s buick skylark.

    Who signed off on the design? It’s like they were purposely trying to make the design ugly so that it wouldn’t eat into 3 series sale, targetting people who desperately want the badge and are willing to overlook everything else.

    I agree with carbon’s comment above. It does look like it was rammed from the side. Not only that, it looks like it was rammed from front AND back. They expect people to buy this? How insulting.

  5. seriously, when a perceived premium brand starts styling their cars after a Korean brand ( Hyundai of 3 years back), proves that they are going to turn into a hit and miss company like Mercedes has. Do some Focus groups!

  6. Strike one: Looks like a Cobalt.
    Strike two: Not a good value.
    Strike three: BMW’s poor reliability.

    You’re out!

  7. Entry-level status perhaps? The perfect first car for Biff and Bunny’s 16-year-old kids, Skip and Skyler. Expect to see it at galleria parking lots and private schools everywhere.

    Seriously though, the 3-series is cramped enough, but I can’t imagine how tight this overpriced toy will be. If it has to be a bimmer, I’d rather have a one-year-old 3-series for the same money.

  8. What is wrong with a small, light, powerful, RWD coupe? BMW is the best at what it does, why not have a smaller more tossable version for the rest of us. Have you seen how expensive a loaded Mazda 3 can be? $24,000 for a 160 hp FWD compact car. The 1 series could be the smallest RWD sedan in the world if I am correct.

    Also, where do all of you get this idea that it looks like a Cobalt? IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A COBALT! It does look best as a coupe…like a mini-M3. Also in terms of price, size, and possibly performance it could compete with the Subaru WRX.

  9. Remember, this is a rear-drive small car. Who else makes one? Tired of Euro/Japanese, torque steering, front wheel drive cars? Case closed.

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