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GM will show a concept version of the next Camaro in just a few weeks.
It is sure to be one of the hightlights of the Detroit Auto Show.

This is an illustration of what that concept might look like. And I think it is very close to what we’ll see early next month.
Keep in mind, this is just concept. It could go either way.
The production model could look the same, just like the Solstice. Or not, like the Mustang concept.

The RWD frame of the car would also be used for the next GTO, a series of Holden cars, and maybe a Buick convertible.
So far, they are calling the production version a 09, so don’t hold your breath…

In a bad way, the Camaro concept reminds me a little bit of this 1999 GTO Concept. Without all the insane design elements, of course.
And the Dodge Challenger concept also seems to look pretty close.

All in all, I think these designs show the great job Ford did with the Mustang. The Ford is a true modern looking car with retro elements. These other designs just seem to copy the old ones…

But I must add, a convertible version of this Camaro design would look amazing. Actually better than the “pretty bland” Mustang convertible.

And that’s what Darin Stevens would be driving…

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  1. I take it that’s a rendition of the red hot camaro concept that has been secretly going around the net. From what i saw of the original, the design was perfect yet seemingly underwhelming. This may just be because it was a bad picture but at the same time, the not too modern not too retro design just lost me at being nothing too special besides having the camaro name. On the other hand, im sure seeing a real picture of it will change my mind and i can’t wait ot check it out.

  2. from the pictures i think it looks good, not overly retro like the challenger (though i love the way it looks, i just dont know if everyone will get it), but very retro this is the best illustration ive seen of the camaro, hopefully it will look at least this good. by comparison to the mustang the dodge and chevy alot more special in comparison with the mustang(also a car i like) the really retro themes give them an almost exotic car look in comparison to todays cars especially the challenger

  3. So we know for sure that it is using the Zeta platform and not a streched Kappa?

    I’ve seen the pics that GM has been trying to yank for the web and this rendering is the exact same thing. If they do go for production, they’ll have to alter the mirrors, but the rest looks completely doable.

  4. Sorry but Darren Stevens drove Malibus not to many Camaros…

    now Larry wife Louise drove the Camaro conv, and Sam drove an Impala 🙂

  5. GM seems to make a lot of bad decisions. The Camaro should have been brought back a long time ago. Now they are under pressure to make it look Mustang like. Anything they come up with will be squarely judged against the Mustang. The current selling GTO look slike crap, although very powerful and a used one is quite affordable. They shouldn’t have intordueced it at all, the Firebird/Trans AM/Camara cars should have continued. Good luck GM, but I have no mercy for you.

  6. “Good luck GM, but I have no mercy for you.”

    …Like every other Import-Loving troll…Strange I don’t see a Supra on the autoshow circuit…although I am sure the “Jesus of Toyota” will come soon enough…

  7. “Its definetly zeta based. The ressemblance is crystal clear in the c-pillar.”

    What the F_ _ _? How can you tell from the C-pillar that it uses that Zeta platform? That makes absolutely no sense. “An Infiniti G35 has a hofinmeister kink, must be build on a stretched 3-Series platform!”

    Personally, I’m not amazed by this car. To me, the looks are average. Not nearly as exciting as the Mustang, or 350Z, or even the more tailored looking RX-8. However, I bet it’ll be competent driving car, just not terribly exciting.

  8. When will this RETRO styling craze fade??? It was nice 5 years ago. I give much more respect to the companies that try a new design even if it’s not a hit.

  9. “What the F_ _ _? How can you tell from the C-pillar that it uses that Zeta platform? That makes absolutely no sense. “An Infiniti G35 has a hofinmeister kink, must be build on a stretched 3-Series platform!”

    Because i saw the original pictures that this sketch is based off of and there is a resemblance. The reason why they had to make a sketch in the first place is because GM made everyone take the originals down.

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