Chevrolet Epica/Daewoo Tosca

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This is the 1st official picture of the Daewoo Magnus replacement.
And it should end up in Europe as the new Chevrolet Epica. (or still using the Evanda name)

Here, it is not sure Suzuki will sell it as the next Verona. They might want to concentrate on the SUV market.
Suzuki is pretty much where Isuzu was a few years ago…

As we could tell from earlier spy pics, the new Daewoo looks a bit like the Acura TSX, and it’s not a bad thing.
Another nice looking Korean sedan.

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  1. Again, you’re wrong with your information that you post. The new Tosca is coming to the US as the next Verona, since GM Canada, GM Europe, GMDAT, and Suzuki all collaborated on this thoroughly refreshed model.

  2. I didn’t post that bit as “official info”. I said:
    ” it is not sure Suzuki will sell it as the next Verona”.

    I really don’t think Suzuki can pour money into cars they don’t advertise. How many Veronas have they sold in the US???
    And why do the same mistake twice?

    So I still think the “not sure” statement is an appropriate one.

    And I don’t pretend to be right all the time.

  3. To me, it looks more like an oversized Toyota Corolla. The corolla was a great seller here in Canada. I’m sure if this is the new Epica for Canada it will sell better then the current boring Epica which looks to close to its Suziki cousin.

  4. Yeah this is the Suzuki Verona replacement.

    Check your facts… Suzuki hasn’t seen a bad month in like 2 years and those sales aren’t even from their SUVs.

  5. The new Volkswagen Jetta looks like an oversized Corolla!
    If ever there were boring cars the Honda’s and Toyota’s would win that category. The Epica is a joy to drive and it is a well engineered vehicle. Suzuki is a shareholder in GM Daewoo and therefore I see no reason why they will not market the Tosca under their name.

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