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I am not sure where to begin…

These are pictures of a new Chrysler Imperial concept, published by Motor Trend magazine.
And the show the ugliest car I’ve seen in many, many years.

It really is a disgrace. Chrysler had some great designs about what a larger luxury car should be, before Mercedes took them over.
The German company is now putting out cars that look like charicatures of the old American designs. I am getting used to the 300, and I think it does have a style and strong presence on the road.
But they also gave us the horrific looking Charger, and now this!

This design is just a mess. And it patheticly tries to copy a Rolls Royce design!
It reminds me of a very bad Chinese design. The ones people make fun of, the ones that don’t seem to make sence. The heavy handed cheap looking copies of western designs. Except in this case, the designer had to be a 5 year old on crack.
It gloryfies vulgarity.
American designs deserve better.
I just hope this never goes into production. Not that it wouldn’t sell. I’m sure that plenty of Navigator and Escalade owners wouldn’t mind adding this to their garages.

This is what a big Chrysler should look like. The great looking Chronos concept is 8 years old!
It came out at a time when Chrysler had great designers. Before Mercedes.
It is classy, expensive looking, modern and retro at the same time.
Everything the Imperial isn’t…

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  1. I tend to agree Vince…………..the car just plain sits too high! They need to lower the beltline about 5 inches or so and lengthen the back end.

    I can’t help but also picture “The Car” when I look at the front end.

    Another thing that would help the car is to make the windows frameless. Since the car has no central pillar the design would at least look a lot cleaner if they went the “true hardtop” style.

  2. you’re retarded. The Chronos looks like a freakin’ Buick!

    The only real problems I have with the Imperial Concept is the fact that its trunk is too small, and that the trunk is funny shaped.

    The Imperial is less “in your face” than the 300C, but still imposing.

  3. and the rolls royce isnt vulgar and ugly thats funny, that it is the ugliest rolls ever, this thing is also ugly, but isnt quite as hideous or even that much of a copy of the rolls. other than the cheap door impression, overall i think old chrysler concepts were desighned better not bricks on wheels, like the 300(which only looks good in the 300c, the base models just look ackward, same for the magnum)

  4. When Chrysler made the 300c it was sweet but people called it a mini bently and they really took it to the head.

  5. Thats just aweful. I hope its just a bad photoshopped image based on the Rolls Royce and not the actual concept.

  6. I have to disagree. I think this (IMPERIAL) is drop-dead gorgeous. If it were available today, for under $100k, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I’m so sick of the generic Mercedes/Lexus/Tarus/LaCrosse rounded-corner styling that just about puke every time I see one — AND THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! This is formal, yet fresh & crisp. Yes the Chronos is nice too– I like the formal grill & bustle-back trunk on both cars. But in my opinion, this is a sure hit. I’d trade my ’04 7-series in on it in a second.

  7. “I have to disagree. I think this (IMPERIAL) is drop-dead gorgeous.”

    LOL seems like someone had a little too much bubbley for the new year. Thanks for the laugh. Now take off those goofy, funny, party clown spectacles you’ve been wearing. The imperial is nothing more than a bad auto designer’s nightmare!

  8. It doesn’t matter who designs it. Every designer creates good and bad designs. Maybe 1 out of 100 designs go into production. Every single chrysler design including the 300 and Charger was approved for production by a German. Stop bickering about who designed it. Its totaly irrelevant. You can’t blame Chris Bangle for ruining BMW design. Its his superiors who said “yes this man is a genius, lets put him in charge of exterior design.
    As for the Imperial, shoot the guy that approved the concept, not the designer.

  9. I like some of the details on this car, not the front. I see a car designed to present a lot of interior room. One that is easy to get in and out of, particularly for the older people who are more likely to be customers of this sort of car. It’s not pretty, in this form, but it is not for production like this. It will be shown around, and people will get to sit in it and see if this concept has merit. Remember what an Imperial was in the late forties and early fifties. A car with enormous interior room! In the Retro theme, this is the feature that has real merit.

  10. There are elements that I really like, such as the side profile, but the front is just awful. I’m not too high on the boattail trunk either.

    The side profile just needs a little work and it could be an outstanding car.

  11. An update after seeing these pictures: I still feel the front is horrible but the side profile is rather nice. The rear end isn’t the greatest but it is unique. If I had to choose between this and the Chronos I would pick the Imperial. I do agree that Chrysler has the Rolls in it’s design sights for this – but my first thought when I see the Roll is that it looks like it came from a Steven King horror movie. (that ugly front end) LOWER THIS CONCEPT – it isn’t an SUV!

  12. Absolutly a fugly design. North American cars are way behind the sleek futuristic cars from Korea and Japan. If you like to drive a box go ahead. Hell, even the Honda Element is better looking than the Chrysler Imperial…and that’s considered an ugly design! Wake up and join the 21st century!

  13. You totally put my thoughts into words. This concept can best be described as fug. Hopefully Chrysler’s new owners canned the design team that did this as well as their entire current lineup of cheap-ass looking cars.

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