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It is just a concept…
Most people say it gives us an idea of what the next Pluriel might look like. I bet that makes the current owners happy, right?

What would make current owners happy is a boost in quality. Not showing off cool concept designs.
A few friends of mine who live in Europe actually own Pluriels. And they’re not too happy. Why? Because their Citroen dealers have pretty much seen their cars as much as they have.
Citroen needs to improve quality first. Just like VW. As a matter of survival.
And maybe making sure the structure of the car is strong enough before turning it into a convertible, that would help too.

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  1. Very nice design.

    But it continue to amaze me how Renault and Citroen stay in business with their nasty reliability. Those Europeans really don’t Japanese cars do they.

  2. your missing the point! Renaults Peugeots and citroens are emotional machines, which are not bought because of their reliability and functionality. The French buy with their hearts, and dont chose a care in the same way they chose a dishwasher. In general Japanese cars are drab and say “i’m middle aged and boring”.

  3. I read somewhere that Renault was one of the most profitable car manufacturers?
    In the UK and europe french cars outsell Japanese stuff like 5/1

  4. I think Renaults and Peugeots are mostly reliable.
    They are not the same cars they were when they were sold in the US.( can’t be much worse than VW can they?)
    As I said before, I had the chance to drive a few in the last couple of years, like the Megane or Vel Satis. And they are very nice.

    The Japanese don’t get the European market.
    And most Europeans still have a bad taste about the early imports from the 60’s, when these cars were pretty much crap.
    Compare any Japanese cars sold in Europe, to any Renaults, Peugeots or even Fords and Opels. They are boring and not appealing at all.

    I think the 1st Japanese car that gets it right is the new Euro Civic.

  5. Peugeots, Citroën are very good cars, well built, dynamical, have an excellent ride and comfort and have solid mechanics. Even the electronical issues are becomming fewer and fewer. I dare to say they’re much better than any VW. I’ve had both, so I know.


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